Sunday, October 28, 2018

The dorment homestead received a burst of new life

Homesteading has been all but dead this season, so a new addition of life certainly was welcomed!
Meet Esther, Elsa and Edith,the resembles of names with my wife and youngest daughter resp. are strictly coincidental. They are Swedish finull (finewool) sheep.
Julia, where Elsa had horseriding lessons and now takes thosehorses out for a ride from time to time, was the previous owner, but had to relocate these sheep on a short notice. She was no longer able to take care of them  in a decent manor, due to timerestraints. So if we were interested in having them? Sure, why not? But where to house them?
Our choice fell on our vegetablegarden. It had barely been used last season, so t got kond of overgrown. Next year we will hopefully be able to use one of our neighbour's pieces of land.
To create a makeshift stable, I cut out a piece of one of the walls of our garden shed, erected an inner wall and that was that...

The difference between the pictures is one week and a shift in winddirection......

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