Sunday, September 16, 2018

Autumn's glory


  1. Beautiful mushroom photographs! But I can see why you are down. So many changes. The leaving of your daughter. Nature doing what comes naturally and we are left with sad feeling for the innocents that fall prey. But maybe that's not all of it. I'm guessing. Do you need a vacation in Italy or Greece where it's warm and the sun shines? All the best to you. We haven't started a war over here yet. Always concerned about the Conservatives who don't want to hear anything from the Liberals except "yes, sir!" and "yes, ma'am!"

    1. Hi Renée!
      Well, the excessive heat and sun didn't so me much good last summer, so a vacation to Greece or Italy? No thanks.
      Many changes are never good for me, but now it was a row of non-pleasant ones, so that did not help.
      And as for C vs.L.... I'd say it is the liberals you should worry about, judging from reports I see outside CNN and MSNBC. But then again I'd say we need to worry about globalists vs. nationalists, since that is a globespanning issue. Or anyone with much power, be that government, bankers, politicians or businessmen.

    2. I agree. It's too hot around here, too. In the summer at least. This past summer it was over 95 Every. Single. Day. for 3 months. To escape we are researching travel trailers and planning to go on an extended road trip while we are healthy. We will sell our house, bank the money and when we get tired of having fun we will land somewhere and buy another house where we will stay until we croak.

      If you say rich people vs poor people then I'm with you. Rich people want to stay rich and they will do anything to stay rich including lie very vigorously and without shame or hesitation to the poor people. They will start wars unnecessarily to keep the poor people distracted. They will play upon people's fears to distract them. They will pit brothers against brothers to distract them. Most rich people only care about themselves. For that matter most people care only about them selves. They want to be rich, too, so it's easy to manipulate them. This is what is going on in this country right now. This is what has been going on since time immemorial. We really need a new system but not government-run socialism. They don't do a good job and oppress people, too. We need a paradigm shift in the minds of people every where. Looking at history we are making progress but progress is so terribly slow I don't know what will happen.

      I hope things settle down for you (or have settled down) What did you learn about yourself with the row of non-pleasant changes? Great are the uses of adversity. I try to tell myself these things when I get down. Which is frequently.