Tuesday, August 21, 2018

All good things come to an end

.... as the saying goes.
But that applies for the bad things as well. One of which was the summer. All of a sudden its seemingly everlasting drought and crippling heat just ended and with did the summervacation. Within a week or 2 autumn has been naking its entrance and every year I am surprised and shocked to find that at the end of the summerbreak it really is the end of summer. Quite abruptly.
However this year's end of summer was greated with mixed feelings, since not only did the drought and heat leave us, so did our oldest daughter. She has moved to Uppsala, a universitycity a 2hrs drive away from here and yesterday I did the hardest thing I ever had to do as a dad. I had to let her go. She said her goodbye's to her mum in the morning as she went to work after which I drove my daughter to her new appartment. After having spent a large part of the morning and afternoon with her, taking care of the last things, I had to hug and kiss her, say goodbye, drive home and leave her behind. In a city where she does not know anyone and where she is all on her own. 15 years old, turning 16 in 2 months. That drive home was the longest one I ever did make and I had to stop one or two times to clear my misty eyes. Oh, she will come home during the weekends and holidays.... for now, but she's already starting to renegotiate the deal that she'd come home every weekend for the first half year. And I am quite sure she will make it. She's smart and stubborn enough for that. But she is not used to citylife and Swedish cities are not as safe as they used to be anymore either.
For us as parents a new era has made itself known and with the kids starting to leave home, I feel that in some way autumn has also starting making its way into our lives. We'll probably be repeating the same routine next year with our son.
At the end of summer we were also visited by former colleagues/friends from the Mrs. It felt real good to have proper conversations and discussions again, but they too had to leave. We were able to take a short hike, so I finally got out into the woods again.

Of course not all is doom and gloom. We had plenty of other pleasant things happening too, like the birth of 10 hatchlings! At one point we started missing hens, 3 in total. One we found, she was sitting on eggs under the brambles, one we had a suspicion regarding her location (big droppings, common for hatching hens) and one simply vanished. However one night we heard how the hen in the brambles was being taken by (presumably) a fox and the next morning the nest was abandonned. We loaned a broodingmachine and were able to hatch 10 out of 14 eggs and successfully found a new "mommy", another hen sitting on eggs in the henhouse.

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