Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Running out of steam

Seems like I have run out of steam a little lately.
At least writingwise. The blog has been rather quiet, I still need to do a bookreview and also writing my own "book" has taken a backburner. I just lost steam there. It is not that there is nothing to write about, when it comes to the blog for instance. many things are happening. Things like a job (finally!!), winter arriving.... sort of. The weather's kind of crazy these days. As if it can not make up its mind. Rain and thaw, sleet or thick, wet snow... and thaw. Or sudden dips in temperature. -12C lowest so far, but then it goes back to step one.
The kind of weather that makes one want to snuggle up in a blanket or next to the stove....
One of the things that happened was.... my wife radically cutting off her hair.... Stop sniggering!!
That mondane fact caused a mental landslide. That one act caused me to redefine the way I see her and thus my self. And subsequently us. It was actually my buddy Odd that opened my eyes, by refering to seeing people through a filter of memories. And I realised I had been doing that too. I still saw us as the people from when we married and my wife cutting her hair ripped that filter away! I confessed to her that I did not recognize her anymore and the filtertheory made clear why. It took some serious mental readjusting on my behalf.
Also the writing of my book, trilogi, story, whatever makes me go over all my views, opinions and ideas, based on the information I find or reread. Here too I challenge my self and here too I find I need to readjust. Fixed ideas get finetuned or corrected as I do more reading and research. But that also makes me feel like I am merely regurgitating stuff others have said or written before me, while trying to pour that into a story.

And then there are the practical changes. First of all I finally started my new job after a 2 month delay. Not only did it make me appreciate the stores and supplies we had build up as we used them up, due to low imcome, it also means that I am among people again. The isolation had become a more and more pressing issue since summer. However that islation also made me reconsider the things we do here on a homesteadinglevel. For now we have enhanced our flock of chickens by adding a new group to the already existing one. Well, actually I hope that we will have 2 groups coexisting. Right now we are up to 4 cocks and 23 hens. We need to reduce that to 2 cocks and 20 hens. Sirius is already destined for the block. He is plain brutal, when it comes to the ladies and Lucius appears to be much more alert of birds of prey and defensive against intruders into the henhouse. He's prettier too. ;) We need to redo parts of the henhouse, but otherwise we consider this part of our plan achieved.

The rabbit-part we will not pursue, but at the moment I am planning the purchase of new bees next year. The new job would make that possible and it might give us more room to spend a little more too. Which would make the purchase of Nordic bees a possibility. These bees are adjusted to our climate and indigenous and I feel that beekeeprs in these parts should work harder to maintain that species instead of just thinking about themselves and their harvests.
Question is will we go for a plit-off or a complete colony? We'd need 2 either way.

Rooms for rent.
Or even for free for the right kinds of tennants!
Hell, I'll pay for them too!
And I should be at work right now, but the car's dead. Had a real fight yesterday changing to wintertires. Nuts were a real bitch to get loose and a broke a socket wrench trying that. In the end it worked using copious amounts of lubricating oil and a wrench with extended shaft.
And today I was about to take the damn thing to go to work, but it would not fire up. Battery's dead now and there's no one around to help jumpstart it. So I guessed I would not be going anywhere anytime soon. My wife suggested to hook up the engine heater. Heck, what does she know about carmechanics? That would not charge the battery, only warm up the engine. But I did what any sane husband would do; I obeyed. After a while, having had some coffee, whilst browsing the interwebs I just went back and gave the key a turn..... Guess what....
It was snowing then. I don't think I have ever seen snowflakes that big! Took me almost half an hour to drive the 13 kilometers to work and on more then one occasion I feared to end up in the ditch. And just before reaching work 2 deer thought it smart to bolt right in front of my car. I missed one by just a meter or so, but I could not hit the brakes. Just thinking about it would send my car slipping and sliding into misery.
Having a job is good for me. It is already lifting my spirits. It will mean that I get into a workingmode again, keeps me busy and energizes me. And that, hopefully, will reflect in the ansence of negligence when it comes to the garden. That is planned to become the next project to get done and that will include a fenced off part for the dogs with a dog pen, a completed watering system, a dedicated berry- and herb garden and last but not least a lot of decorative plants.

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