Monday, October 23, 2017

Bushcraft Sverige Region Mitt - first meeting

Last weekend saw the first meeting of the Bushcraft Sverige Region Mitt.
A few folks, myself included, felt it was about time we started to get together and go out, meetig others with similar interests and just hang out, share stories, knowledge, a fire, food, company and /or coffee. Since Sweden isn't exactly a small country and driving for hours to meet people defies the purpose, the start up of a local group under the banner of Bushcraft Sverige was initiated. 
And with great success!! What a kick off! 
Olli, from Swetrek had arranged a paddlingtour on the Hinsen lake with our destination being the islands in the middle. Unfortunately some people had to back out at the end, but we ended up with a group of 9 and a dog. The weather could not have been any more perfect; very calm, next to no wind, sunny with a hint of clouds.
In order to support our efforts the mother association had kindly sponsored us with food and drink. (For which I am very grateful!! I had forgotten to pack my food..... )
After Olli had run through the basics, we got into the canoes and casually made our way toward our destination. Magnus had brought his own kajak, Jonathan, caroline & Diesel had their own canoe and the rest teamed up in pairs; Olli and me in one, Karin and her friend Eva in one, followed by Boel and Mikael. A few people I knew, a few I met for the first time and that was pretty much the same for the rest of the group, but it clicked just like that!
As we had landed at our destination, the first thing that had to be done, was make a fire and get coffee going! Olli had brought some of his wonderful forrest coffee with him and it has been my favorite, ever since I first tasted it at the bushcraft festival. He also knew quite a bit about the area, since this area is his seasonal job! That must be awful!
There was no fixed plan for this day, but somehow it all focussed on coffee, food and fire. We were free to paddle at will, but none did! There always was coffee, there were the obligatory sausages ad bread, but the best was Karin baking kolbullar, outdoor pancakes with bacon and lingonjam, some of the best I ever had and Olli steaking mushrooms with cream and spices. On bread if one so desired. And by the end of the day he treated us to blueberryjuice. Warm juice, boiled over the fire with fresh blueberries, a liberal amount of honey and a dash of water. Just heat it over the fire and let it warm you from the inside out. Since that's what it did. It didn't just taste good, it warmed. A thick, rich flavour, superbly in tune with the day and the season.
Activities focused on making fire, from making charcloth, to the bowdrill and flint&steel. On this occasion I managed to get my first flint&steel fire going!! And it was captured on film, right at the end of it! Ahh, you think. What a splendid day! But wait! it gets better. As always Olli had brought his Dan Andersson-book and that seemed to have inspired Boel and Karin to sing. I am no familiar with Swedish camp or outdoorsongs or poetry, but that really was the cherry on the cake.
I will no longer bother you with my ramblings and I want to share this day in a more visual way too.
But before I do, I just want to thank everyone involved. This was a day I will remember for a long time!
Tusen tack allihop!!

The video was shot by Mikael klöfver, who permitted me to use it here.
Tack Mikael!!

The following images are mine. These are the most useable ones, since my phone is quiting on me;

The next pictures were taken by Boel Engkvist and she permitted the use of them, here;


A picture that captures the atmosphere very well indeed!

Our merry little gang

The final image is by Karin Haulin and I am allowed to use it. It pretty much shows the essence of this meet in one single image.

She has her own site as well; Hå Be sure to check it out if you're interested in outdoor activities in Västmanland and Uppland.

This superb day however did have one negative side to it. During the drive home the phone (and gps upon which I relied) died and allthough I roughly new where to go, I took a wrong turn, ending up driving over a road that had been "fixed", meaning the surface had been scraped an leveled. That also means large rocks lying everywhere and allthough I managed to avoid the majority of those, I did hit one.
When I came to the car on sundaymorning to attend a scale modelling gathering I found this;

Turns out the tire had 2(!!) holes, one in the middle and one on the inner side. No fixing that....

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