Thursday, October 12, 2017

an october morning

A thursday morning in october; grey skies, pattering rain, leaves of aspen and birch blowing about in the wind, coming in over the lake. Daylight struggling to give some form of illumination to this day, that doesn't seem willing to wake up. A fire crackling in the fireplace, a mug of hot coffee, the dogs asleep on the couch and I catch myself stroking my beard. It needs trimming....
I like mornings like this, starting slow, taking my time. These are the times where the minds wanders. A time where ideas are born. Not that I have a shortage of those. No, not these days. It is more that there are so many and a few of those have taken root.
One of those ideas has taken and still taking form; I have starting writing. Not being hindered by any form of knowledge, I am scribbling away, hammering the keys. These days a notebook and pen (yes, the old fashioned versions!!) are always with me. providence has provided mankind with cargopockets on military pants for a reason!
No idea if any of it will materialize into something tangible. Something solid. But for now I am creating microstories, bits of a puzzle that has been forming in my head for a long time. My fingers hardly can keep with what my brain is spawning. And I am being swept away! It feels like a dam has burst, images, scenes and characters bursting forth and I am having a blast! It is fun, it feels liberating and I can do whatever I want! Well, not whatever I want, since I still limit myself to some level of reason. It all has to make sense, fit and be plausible. No idea if I can even shape it all into a cohesive form. But if it does, it would be in the form of a trilogy. That is another idea that has taken root and looking at the microstories I have created so far, that only seems to make sense.

And speaking of books, another idea that spawned was triggered by one. The one I talked about earlier; the book on hoghly sensitive men and our society. A few days ago Tom Falkenstein's book landed in my mailbox, but even before it did I had started making connections between this subject and the subject of bushcraft or even outdoor activities in general. But to me, there seems to be a difference between bushcraft and the other activities; a lack of or a much lower level of maleness. In bushcraft these seems to be far less urge to show oneself, a lot less cockyness. In bushcraft there seems to be much more focus on achieving knowledge, of reconnecting, iof being a part of instead of a bystander. There seems to be far less need for penisenvy or macho behaviour, even though there still is plenty of it. But I started wondering if maybe amongst the men, which are very dominant within the discipline itself, there might be an overrepresentation of highly senstivie men, simply because of the mentioned features. It would make perfect sense that this kind of man would be naturally drawn to it.
I talked about this to Lisa Fenton, who did a thesis on te subject of bushcraft and who allowed me to read it. And what I read seems to support that idea. Many, if not all, the marks are there. The solitude or avoidence of society/groups, the use of the senses, the inner connection.... She agreed that I might be on to something, so more looking into it will be done.
In the meantime I got Tom's book as said and while browsing through it, one thing almost immediately struck me. All of those who were quoted, mentioned a struggle with themselves and the surroundings, because of the social unacceptance of highly sensitive men! All of them mentioned the very aspects I stated! There has to be a connection there! It needs ifurther investigation. So Tom's book has moved onto the first spot on my "still-have-to-read"-list. I have a small pile of books waiting..... More reading.... Damn... ;)
I most certainly will get back on all these things!!
And an in-depth review of the book of course will be among it.

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