Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hedmark, Norway 2017 - the way in...

Just a word of caution; the following posts are going to be full of large pictures.
Watch your bandwidth!! ;)

We had been planning this trip for a while and wanted to hike up Sölen, one of the heights in the area. This one has the highest peak I believe. Also some foxhunting was planned. The weather forecast was anything but good, so we had to keep that in mind and once again we would be staying at his parents cabin.
At around lunch I was finally ready to get going. At home everything had been taken care of and I drove, leaving behind 2 girls that were home with a cold and related symptoms. At least the dogs would now not be alone for an hour or 2. Driving down the road I had this nagging feeling that something was amiss.... I tread down the clutch pedal, shifted gear and knew what was wrong!! I had put on the wrong shoes! Dohhh...... Going on autopilot I had put on soft comfortable shoes. After this minor mishap had been corrected, there were one or two things I needed to do, before finally being able to make some headway. First a visit to the library to collect a rather substantial amount of books on which I had put a reservation. Had to be done by saturday..... Another one was some grocery shopping for "trail food". And then.... finally..... 5.5 hours of driving ahead of me... đź‘€
The trip was rather uneventful, apart from the occasional rainshower. That is until I had crossed the border and went down road 217..... which really went down! Gradients ranging between 8-12%. During one photo-stop I noticed a strange smell around the car..... The ticking sound of cooling brakes indicated what that smell was.

Snowy heights in the distance.
This is still Sweden.

No idea what peak this is.

The specks in the picture is not dirt on the lens........

At around 18:00 I arrived at Odd's parent's place and a warm dinner awaited me. It felt real good to replenish the energy with a proper meal, instead of bananas, apples, chocolate and bottled water. I didn't really take a break, except for a quick photoshoot or to perform a sanitary emergency landing.
After that we headed out and up to the cabin. Daylight was failing and the dark grey clouds did nothing to enhance that. Up in the cabin Odd lit a fire in the stove to get temperatures comfortable. Those were in the single digits and combined with the high humidity and wind, made things rather uncomfortable. Besides I wasn't feeling all too well myself. Guess the girls shared some of their "stuff" with me after all.
I took a stroll around the cabin, to let the cobwebs blow from my mind and hopefully clear up my airways a bit too. Cranking up the circulation after such a long drive was badly needed as well.
We spent the evening getting installed, chatting and having a beer. Sometimes the conversation would fall silent, both of us being rather tired. But that's quite ok. Better say nothing then say something unnecessary. During those lulls we just listened to the wind and rain, let our minds wander or, in my case, leafed through the pile of rather appropriate reading. But actually I had gotten these books with another purpose in mind; the pre-planning phase of another trip. Hopefully for next summer.
We discussed the options we had; the hike up Sölen, the foxhunt and the hopeless weather..... and how that might mess up the whole thing.....

That grey lump in the far distance was our initial goal.
Turned out that this was as clear as would ever see it.

A locally brewed beer and some of the homework Odd handed to me;
Fox skinning and hide tanning + maps of the target area.

Books revolving around a centre theme; Fjäll
Both containing dogsledding and military history.

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