Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hedmark, Norway 2017 - Saturday, rainy saturday

I woke up at 07:00 to the patter of rain of the roof and the run off from the rain pipes. I had not really had a good night's sleep; broken by the need for a toilet visit (an outhouse) and bad dreams. Have those quite often lately. I still wasn't feeling really fit; blocked head and runny nose. Bit feverish too.
But the situation gave me a good reason to put on my beloved norwegian army pullover. Love that thing.
We had discussed a scenario like this and we decided that it would not be wise or fun to go out into the highlands in weather like this. It was not to get better before long into the afternoon. So instead we settled for a trip to Elverum and the forestry museum there. I had been there in 2001 and would like to see it again. I was quite impressed by it back then.
But before we headed out Odd made us a breakfast a man could live on; Norwegian bacon, norwegian home baked sourdough bread and Swedish homegrown eggs. And coffee of course.

The trip to Elverum was uneventful. Boring really. But the museum itself was quite nice. Of course much more hitech then 17 years ago, which I thought was a bit of a shame. It had lost a good deal of its charm. But is was nice to see their hallmarks still in place; 4 statues of moose, a cow, 2 calves and a bull still "running" in the front and a bunch of long pine trunks erect in front of the entrance.
There are many exhibits of forestry, both old and modern, woodworking, animals, fish, tools, guns... the works. Worth mentioning are the stuffed animal- and knifecollections! The stuffed animal can be touched and are very lifelike. They really give you a feel of their size and more then once I was impressed by the "tools" mother nature's creatures wield. We spent a few hours here and had a moose meat burger for belated lunch.

A forest workers' cabin. There was a backpack just like mine in the right corner!
Picture by Odd

The comparison to my dogs was easily made...
Picture by Odd

Now I know how big wolf prints can be.
Almost filling up the L between thumb and index finger!

No "chicken" to mess with either!
Picture by Odd

These nearby studies were really impressing....
and enlightening.
Picture by Odd

Picture by Odd

After the museum visit we needed to do some shopping. We were having whale meat for dinner and I wanted some for my family at home too. Plus I promised them some Norwegian chocolate too.
An equally uneventful drive back to the cabin saw us arriving there late in the afternoon. As odd started preparing dinner, I roamed around the cabin once more, breathing fresh mountain air. I also wanted to experience a little how bad weather like a mix of rain, wind and low temperatures felt in this kind of terrain. Well, I now know..... But still, despite the dark, gloomy and saddening weather the colours were still amazing!! And the landscape remained impressive, probably even more so due to the weather.

The whale meat dinner was very tasty, as I remembered from the previous year and we both ate too much.
That night we sat and discussed our further plans and how to adapt. It looked like there might be a window of reasonably fair weather for sunday morning and early afternoon, but then the weather once again would turn bad. Did we want to risk it? A drive to Sölen would cost us about 1.5 hrs still, the hike up to 10 hrs if we wanted to go to the top.... if it even would be cloud free, which was highly questionable. And personally I did not feel up to it. Simply felt not strong enough.
Maybe hike up the high grounds around the cabin and bring the rifle for some foxhunting? That sounded just right to me. Later that night Odd tried some of his fox calls with not entirely satisfying results. A hike up to the location he wanted to show me meant crossing the county borders... meaning his permits would no longer be valid. Not wanting to take any chances (chances of getting caught are very slim, but if you get caught you're in serious trouble), we decided to abandon the hunt-option and just go for the hike. That decision would turn out to be the correct one.......

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