Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Running the dogs

Recently I have gotten an introduction into the world of sled dogging. I met with some people from a local club (Södra Dalarnas Draghundsklubb), who run their dogs, mostly in front of the (kick)bikes and much to my surprise it was a motley crew of dogs! Not just dogs traditionally used for pulling and running, but dogs associated  with very different things too. I talked to those folks and got a good deal of advice on gear and how to run my dogs. Now I need to see to it that I/we do get that gear; harnesses, lines, but above all cages for the car! Without those we are not allowed to transport our dogs. And that would be really handy if we need to go and get harnesses for our overdynamic duo or if we want to go and meet the other members of the club to socialise them.
At that meeting we also talked about the dogs' willingness to pull, but I do not think that that will be an issue! Keeping them in line will be more of an issue.
However I have seen to it that I have become mobile. I have bought a used bicycle, so as soon as we have harnesses and lines, I can start. Come to think of it.... a helmet and some gloves might be a good idea too.

In the meantime I did get a suggestion on a book on the subject of mushing (using dogs to pull sleds) and everything related from Jeremias and/or Hannah from the A wandering life-blog; titled "The dog driver; a guide for the serious musher by Miki and Juli Collins.

So that one went on the "to get"-list and you can expect a review, when it shows up here.
See Jeremias/Hannah's bookreview here

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    Glad you liked the reccomendation. Hannah wrote it and she's the one of us with the knowledge and experience. If you need to bounce ideas or whatever - Don't be a stranger!