Monday, August 7, 2017

Highly sensitive men - Tom Falkenstein's book

In a month Tom Falkenstein's book on highly sensitive men will be coming out. A book to which I was able to contribute, since I am one of the case studies. I must say that I am quite curious as to how it turned out, so despite very limited funds I preordered one. When it arrives, you can expect a review of course. For now it will be available only in German, but as I understood it an English version should become available too. Would only make sense.
I simply copied what it says on the page, so you get Tom's message;

Highly Sensitive Men: Finding Strength in Your Sensitivity

The first book for highly sensitive men written by a practicing psychotherapist. With a foreword and an exclusive interview with Elaine Aron, author of "The Highly Sensitive Person". 
After many years of having worked with highly sensitive clients, Tom Falkenstein realised that there was a lack of books that address the particular issues many highly sensitive men face in our society. Being emotional and feeling quickly overstimulated often doesn't mach what society perceives as being "ideal" in a man. This means that many men who are highly sensitive not only have to deal with living with a particularly sensitive nervous system, but also have to deal with questions around masculinity, identity and self-acceptance.

In this book, Tom Falkenstein, the first psychotherapist to address the very specific issues highly sensitive men face, offers a plethora of practical tools and techniques to address issues around emotional regulationoverstimulationself-care and self-acceptance. The book also includes several interviews with highly sensitive men who share their own personal experiences and stories as well as their knowledge on how to live well as a highly sensitive man. The book includes a foreword and exclusive interview with Elaine Aron in which she addresses her view on highly sensitive men. 
Here's a link that describes high sensitivitywhat is high sensitivity?

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