Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Bushcraftfestivalen 2017 - day 3, sunday

Now the last day of the festival started of with a bit of an incident. one of those night owls previously mentioned, was dear Olli, who decided to call it a day at 04:00am. He thought it was pretty cold, as it actually was again, as well as very damp, so he figured he'd fire up the tent stove. Now the wood we had taken, appeared to cut quite recently and it had been laying on the ground. So not.... entirely dry. He also decided to use some cardboard to get things going, which had also been laying on the ground and thus even less dry than the wood. Result; a tent completely filled with smoke!! And that woke me with a bit of a shock! So I got up and opened the tent window, whereas Olli had opened the door and flapped it in order to ventilate. In the meantime I got the fire going and the resulting draft cleared the tent of smoke within 5 minutes. In that same amount of time the temperature within the tent had risen to almost comfortable levels. That was faster than I had expected!
We went back to bed and Emma had slept through it all..... Olli volunteered to keep an eye on the fire..... but dozed off within 5 minutes. So I added another log and lay there, huddled in my sleeping bag, listening to the soft roar of the flames, watching the flickering of the flames through the air holes onto the tent cloth, letting my mind go empty and after a while I dozed off again, too.

We weren't going to stay all day, but agreed that we'd leave a bit after lunch. We'd attend the last workshops and pack in between them. For me that meant seeing Paul Kirtley's workshop on fire. he explained how we can create a blazing fire out of a dead standing tree with knife and firesteel..... and of course a saw to take the thing down and cut in up. It involved batoning, making feathersticks and ending of with lighting them with a firesteel. I got some great advice from Ian, one of Paul's associates. Thanks for that!
And between packing, eating lunch, talking to folks a last time we also checked out the cooking pit. There was no small surprise to learn that eventually the stones therein reached a scorching 450C and that a large piece of rump steak was wrapped in moss, put in between the stones and left to cook over time.... just like that. 1 to 1,5 hrs for every kilo of meat if I understood correctly.

Picture by Way Out at the Casström stand

Harry Sepp talking about he book he co-wrote....
after he had made a whistle out of a soda can!!

A big thanks to Johan Forsberg, Tobias Karlsson, Bushcraft Sverige, Babek Toloe, Elle Nikish of Elles utemat, outdoor photographer Ida Olsson for "lending" me her dog Luna, Mikael Åkerman for some highly entertaining lessons in hide tanning, Lisa Stenton, Paul Kirtley, Clive Swombow and all those others, both working and attending for a great weekend!
Don't know you all, didn't meet you all, forgot many names, but know that your effort was and is greatly appreciated!!!

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