Wednesday, August 16, 2017

All (good) things come to an end.....

After 2 wonderful weeks we had to say farewell to our friends again. They are a family we befriended at our kids' first school and we remained friends ever since. They visited us 3 years ago and unfortunately we were not able to return that gesture so far. Now they came back. That goodbye was harder than I had anticipated. The friendship we once again experienced after being apart for years we have yet to find here. Nothing so far comes even close. It really was nourishment for the heart, mind and soul.
However their visit had a profound impact. It brought to light that change was yet to come again....

They brought us a large package of delicacies from "home"... 

And of course we had to show them that Sweden too is developing a beer-culture....

He has Wile E. Coyote as a mascot (and nickname).....
and this stuffed animal is present pretty much wherever he goes..

He made us one of my/our absolute favorite local dishes.
It was heavenly to taste it again after these years!!!

We will leave this place. That is for sure. Our time here is coming to an end. The solitude, loneliness and social isolation are no longer tolerable. Last weekend, when we all gathered for a barbecue, I half jokingly remarked that we might just consider moving to Switzerland (I had been balling ideas back and forth with a contact of mine, but looking it up it proved to be a no-go scenario. Far to expensive and crowded), but there was no objection. Far from!!
The next day our oldest daughter broke down and confessed she could not take it anymore. She hated living out here, where there is nothing but forest and lakes. And that, for us, did it. That was the final straw. The decision is made final now. Which is too bad really, since this little village has everything to be a small paradise. Things I mentioned before; forests, lakes, fields, space.... but a socially totally impaired population. Everyone seems to be living by themselves for themselves. No positive, meaningful social interaction I am aware of. After 5 years we're still on our own mostly.

We need to find a place where especially our kids have more easy access to social activities and friends, a place that does have buslines for instance. A place that is more welcoming to others or at least more tolerating. That place needs to be an affordable home which suits our family and which is near to jobs, schools and everything that would enhance life socially.
This brings about a complete change of plans. All the planned projects for this place are scrapped and new ones are being thought out. I need to find more work in order to pay for a move, but also to increase our possibilities to find another house. Furthermore we need to touch up the house in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers. That means no big redoing or rebuilding, but painting, cleaning and fixing.
Decluttering the house has risen substantially on the to-do-list now, too.

We will need to get ready for that change and hope that everything falls into place once again as it did when we moved here. Given the fact that I feel that our friends were steered toward us to achieve that change, I have no doubt it will somehow.

And summer is leaving too.
Autumn's knocking at the door.

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  1. Wow, this is momentous news! I am blown away, but, you know what? I totally understand. We experienced the exact same thing and that's why we moved (partly). Living on the ranch was bliss. But people did not welcome us. They kept us at arm's length. I even blogged about it after we left. I kept thinking "if you think 'outsiders' never commit and stay, how do you think keeping us at arm's length will help us want to stay?"

    Also we could not make a living there. We could see our "old age" looming and the prospect of being dirt poor and old was not pretty.

    Are those people friendly with each other? Marty always said "Renee, these people live out here because they WANT to be loners. Otherwise they would live elsewhere."

    We don't have children living with us. They are grown. So that is not an issue but I understand that, too. It's happening with Corina. It's lucky that they don't live so far out that their kids cannot choose to go to public school. So they did. Because young people are social.

    It's OK. Maybe someday you and the Mrs. will move back. Marty and will will probably not move back now. Unless we somehow hit the jackpot.

    In the meantime we are trying to sell farms, ranches, horse property, homesteads, country property to like-minded people who are good and thoughtful. If we lived Sweden or wherever you are thinking of going we would help you!

    Are you going to continue to post while this is in process? I will be curious to see how it transpires. Best, Renee