Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Waste not, want not.

Midsummer has come and gone. From now on days will shorten and nights will lengthen again.
We did not celebrate midsummer. We have no connection to the feast. I guess one has to grow up with it and to have its importance embedded in one's soul. It would help if we had people to celebrate it with, too. It appears to be a feast one shares with family and close friends and since we have neither here or very few......
So while people were preparing for the festivities of midsummer, I was preparing for cosy, warm nights during midwinter.

Now, again there's a thought behind this work; I use the shredder for small twigs and such, to create a cover over the soil, so no muddy feet during rainy days, but anything that contraption does not chew up up to 7-8cm in diameter, does not get thrown away. I will put that aside and saw it up by hand into 30cm pieces. Why? 30cm is what fits into our fireplace and I do that by hand to remind myself how much work goes into sawing and cutting firewood to warm our house. By doing so, I hope I will avoid wasteful behaviour. And as you can see the pile next to the stand has already grown substantially. That will provide us with many hours of cosy warmth in our livingroom. I know for a fact that the majority around here would just have set fire to the pile of branches. Quick and easy.
Anything over the 8cm will be done with a saw machine (I hope) and then split. I am sure part of it by hand for reasons stated, but given the amount and my physical condition I will try and loan a splitting machine. No need in causing more damage.

And speaking of damage...... We had some chicken woes.
It turned out that we do have chickens that are willing to sit on eggs. Very willing indeed! One of them, belonging to the latest group we bought, was already nicknamed "failure" by the previous owner. She never managed to complete the task and now she messed up for us as well. And messed up is the right word; because she crapped all over the eggs and over all the eggs, they were unable to hatch. And with 3-4 hens stacked on top of them all the time.... Let's just say that sped up the decaying process. Against better judgement we thought we give the hens a chance anyway, but at long last I had to clean up the eggs. After removing the hens, which did not move willingly, I found not only messy eggs, but also cracked ones. And the smell...... If I thought it was pungent before I started.....
Now everything's cleaned up again and once again there are hens sitting on eggs. Which is to be blamed on me. Couldn't help myself and put some eggs into a fresh and clean batch of straw and the incubating instinct took over almost at once. Only 2 now and on 5 eggs and we marked on the calendar when they are due. I might be tempted to repeat the procedure if it turns out that more hens are willing. Misslyckare (translation for failing one) is not allowed to sit on eggs anymore and if indeed we get chicks, she will be permanently removed from the flock coming autumn.
Keeping our fingers crossed, because we'd really like chicks!!

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