Thursday, June 22, 2017

Nyberget Summercamp

Summer break is here and in order to keep the kids busy and away from computer- and/or telephone screens we came up with a few activities at home to keep them occupied, challenge them and learn them a thing or two, that just might come in handy someday.
The setup is twofold; one is for enjoyment and recreation, the other is for learning some skills. A third one is spending more time together too.
First of all I bought a game of "kub"; an old swedish game involving pins and throwing blocks, where 2 sides compete in knocking over each other's pins with said blocks. A very simple, but equally fun game. Next we put up the trampoline again. A great way to get some exercise and release bottled up energy. Also a very nice place to just lay on, relax and watch the canopy and skies above. Stuff to make you dream away a little..... Then we hauled up the old swing frame, which we had intended to grow beans on, but which was just too big. Now it is fulfilling its old purpose again; a pair of rings is hanging from it. Plus a punching bag. And it will hold two hammocks too. ;)
And the other day we spent some cash on a badminton set plus net, some tins of air rifle pellets and targets. So besides play, we, mostly I, intend to teach them about handling rifles, routines like safety, drills and shooting, teach them some self defence, like how to avoid a fight, throw a punch or block one, use dirty tricks if needed and kubotan and show them the basics of first aid too. They are old enough to learn and if our youngest one wants to join in, she can too. There's enough for her too learn too.
Besides our first aid kit has quite a few items that have expired, old "army" bandages and stuff, so we can keep it practical; the way to keep a kid's attention. And when handling knives, hatchets or an (air)rifle, basic first aid knowledge is mandatory.

Some of it had to be tried out right away....

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