Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A disruption of routine

I have to admit it, I am one of those people who likes to have a routine in everyday life, like to change that evévery once in awhile to break the monotony, but dislikes the actual change, since that disrupts my flow and I have to adjust.... Anyway.... The everyday routine is broken and being replaced by another one; the summer holiday has begun. No more alarmclock, the kids are at home for 10 weeks straight and coming tuesday my wife too for 8 weeks. This means a disruption of my usuals routines and these are replaced by other, less strict ones. The adaptation usually takes a few days. Days during which I feel a little lost....
So far we have had a few good tastes of summer, but also a good deal of rain. I can't keep up cutting the grass or weeding the beds with vegetables! And that is frustrating as hell! I have another confession to make..... this year we are not as fanatic, when it comes to growing vegetables. 2 beds have become overgrown with weeds, we turned out to have next to no carrot seeds left, our courgette seedlings got eaten within a few days and I made a huge mistake during winter. In an attempt to get nutrients and organic matter into the soil, I used the chicken manure mixed with hay and spread that out over the beds. That is like sowing weeds and fertilizing them at the same time.... Hence the aforementioned overgrowing issues.  A few beds I could clear (more or less), but those last 2.... Besides that weeding with your hands in partially decayed chickenshit and wet grass.... No fun.

We had high hopes that our chickens would produce offspring. The eggs were there, the chickens went and sat on them, but things went bad anyway. For one thing one of the hens poo'ed all over the eggs, for another the hens piled on top of one another, up to 4 at some times. There is a bad, sour smell coming out of the henhouse and we found one of the eggs crushed with a hatchling inside it. The first batch of eggs is 4 weeks old now and they should hatch within 21 days, give or take, One of the hens has not quite gotten the idea yet, since she sits next to her eggs.... So I fear we will have to remove any and all eggs and hope that the ladies will try again and with better results....

Right now we are "påreparing" for the traditional midsummer festivities and as usual the weather plays along...... by reminding us how it is in early spring with forecast rain and low temperatures.

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