Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What is done is done

Things are set in motion at our place.

One of the major jobs to be done around here, probably the biggest, has been completed; the sewage system. And in the process my favorite place in our garden has been absolutely destroyed. But....
This new system is a lot better for our immediate livingarea and surfacewater. No more waste gets released into either of them, which is a massive win in itself.
A good deal of trees had to be taken down. More than the anticipated 3-5. We ended up with 11 downed trees. 2 of those were at my request, one being a fullygrown rowan which dominated the entrance toward the house and which had started to die. Bark had started to fall off and a large crack all along the length of the trunk became visible. The other being the large pine dominating pretty much everything, both view to and from the house. But..... all that wood will be warming us on many a cold winter's day. However before that will come to pass I will need to acquire new skills; how to handle a chainsaw.
Another plus is that now our house is much more exposed to sunlight, which most likely will be most noticeable on sunny, and thus cold, winterdays as well. Now the sun can warm the stone lower half of the house and blaze right into our current livingroom without the shadow of that large pine ruining things. That will cut down on heating. Besides we hope to have the greenhouse ready before coming autumn, so the effect will be greatly enhanced.
Another benefit is the addition of at least 40m² more or less useable planting area onto which we have sown a variation of cover crop plants and bee friendly plants. The soil has been greatly disturbed and needs to resettle. We need to recreate soil life and feed it with biomass.

But right now we are "mourning" the loss of that special, little place.....

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