Thursday, May 4, 2017

Foodgrowing season has started!!

And so it has begun.....
Greenhouses are up and ready. Or at least were until we had some pretty strong winds. The greenhouse we bought last year from Denmark got blown over and the frame mangled. The 2 bottom bars, connected with a simple, longer bolt were ripped out. The receiving end proved to be very weak, but that we already learned last season. The tubes were badly bent on one side. Also did the foil get torn up in one corner. All in all this greenhouse has turned out to be one disappointment. Low quality from one end to the other.
But as the saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys....

We had a couple of very fine days these last few days; sunny and nice temperatures. It really makes one come to life again. Energy levels go up and flabby muscles get worked again... However this fine weather has a downside. We are already facing the very real possibility of a drought. Lake waterlevels are at a low and there is no sign of any rain. This is something we need to look into; a proper watersupply for gardening purposes.

But we have finished the first step of the season; sowing!!
2 days of filling pots and planning what to sow where and how much... And going through all these little bags is so much fun; dreaming about what it will turn out like... All sort of cabbages and beans, flowers and herbs. The herb-section is pretty extended, since I am going to try and grow them for tea!

And now the work is done. All I need to do now is water them and wait. Although I still have some empty pots....

And in a week or 2 we'll be sowing directly into the soil as well. By that time it should have warmed up enough. The cats are already checking the location. Probably laying in the sun on a bed of hay is wonderful. Or is it the hint of chicken manure that clings to it??

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