Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter is coming

A phrase from a popular tv-series game of thrones. Great books too as far as I can tell.

But I do believe that winter indeed is coming. Winter for our society, for the world as we know it.
Because I can already see the signs of the following spring; the preparations for a new awakening, a rebirth. Buds have been forming to start growing and blooming after winter. An awareness that spreads. People waking up, seeing that what is today is not good. Is sick and has to die. That will be society's winter. I think we are in the final days of society. It has sprouted, it grew and it is going through the final cycles of wilting. It has spent its vigour, its youth and has only one thing left to do; to die. That will be winter. The time where all things have to stop, all things have to die. That which is sick and weak will not make it to the new spring. The seeds and buds lacking the strength to regrow will never sprout, the seeds that have that strength will.
The buds I mean are the people, who wake up. People seeing the world for what it really is. Understanding that it is wrong, became rotten, ruthless, cruel and ruled by the greedy and powerhungry. People who resist complying anymore and are actively seeking new ways. People trying to awake and inspire others. I see this more and more and I also see the established structures reacting ever more desperate and violent.
This winter will bring death and destruction to many, but that will be inevitable. Winter is merciless. Those unprepared or unfit will perish and probably many that were too. But after each winter a new spring will come and we can only do what we can to make it until then, either by reaching it ourselves or by creating the best possible conditions for others to do so, like preparing "our young" just as it is the way of nature.

And speaking of illness; our family is going through a spell of illness too. The wife's down with flu, our youngest daughter's stomach thought it was time to regurgitate its contents at 02:50 this morning in the middle of the bedroom and hall, resulting in the ultimate sleepless night. We all have the sniffles and feel generally unfit.... But there was that inconvenient truth that homesteading leaves little time for illness. Animals have to be cared for, fed, watered and walked and as I was doing so this morning I was treated to some heartwarming scenes. One of our neighbours is using flower pots as temporary birdfeeders and the trees were positively alive with them. Several species of finches and tits were fluttering about and chattering and I did detect the first notes of the songs they will be singing before long.
A few moments later I was witnessing the "birth" of another day; the sun rising above the hills, heaving itself higher over the summit ever so slowly. I actually saw it grow and the light intensify as it try to pierce the morning haze. Even the dogs granted me the moment and kept quiet, waiting until I was done watching.
Such moments make life worth living.

And as I was writing this post we got confirmation that another, significant change is coming our way. One that is going to force self dependence on us. Our social safety net will shrink considerably. We had expected that to happen, but now it will become a reality and soon, too.
And I have that strange feeling that changes are not over for us just yet.

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