Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why bother

The world outside looks as if it has been covered in whipped cream. A fresh load of fluffy, yet wet and heavy snow covered the world I live in and now the temperatures dropped again. before that world was glazed over. Days of thaw, followed by nights of frost followed by rain..... and the roads looked like covered in glass. It was fairly hazardous to venture outside, but for now we can go outside and enjoy winter renewed. And we, or at least I, do actually enjoy it again. This comeback reminded us that it still is only february and thus still winter. Despite the high temperatures we experienced, we even sat on the balcony for tea, spring and all its regrowing wonders is still a long way off. No flowers for us for quite a while I'm afraid...
We'll enjoy these blooms instead

So I am sitting here and think. Think about what to do. With this blog for one.
I have reached the 5-year mark and I have written a great deal about a variety of subjects. In the meantime I have seen most of the blogs I followed, come to a complete standstill or change and become far less interesting. But that's the way things go I suppose. Blogs come and go, get born, evolve, mature and fade away..... or change all together. Just like and because of the people behind them. And sometimes I wonder; maybe the time has come for mine to become quiet too? It has changed a lot I think and I am running out of subjects right now. It appears that people do not want to know about current crises or political/banking schemes. It does appear that they do not want to become confronted with unpleasant articles. Those that do have far better options to go to anyway. Apparently the subjects I am touching these days do not rank high on the demand-list. The days of roaming the woods are few and far between, interests change, personal mindset too.
I ask myself the question as to why I write regularly. What is my motivation? Reaching out to people, yes. But why? To entertain? Not really. Maybe a small part. To educate? Perhaps to show that things can be done? Yes. To inspire and motivate. That certainly too. But not in the least part to connect as well. But lately even those connections are falling silent...
I once read somewhere that people often read blogs like these to escape reality, not become confronted with it. People want to live their fantasies, like roaming the woods or have a little farm or whatever, through the life and writings of others.

The list of concept-posts gets longer, because I am asking myself if it would be worth posting. And often the answer "why bother" comes to mind. Because when there is no response, then why bother indeed? So I will think things over. If or how I should continue. Maybe it has become to diverse, to confronting, to depressing or simply to dull. Personally blogs that ramble on and on on the same subject quickly become boring to me. Someone showing nothing but walks in the woods and pictures of coffee pots over a fire quickly lose my attention, no matter how nice it looks. And the same goes for those showing their seedlings growing. Reports on buying the latest knife/axe/gadget or tray of canned food doesn't hold my interest for long either if at all. But that might just be the way to attract and hold a crowd??
Maybe I need to ask myself the question as to why I really am doing this or what I want to be? Do I do this for me or for others? Am I a storyteller or a guide? A doomsday prophet or a teacher? Or maybe I just like the attention? I sure like to write. And I do think I have something to say. Something meaningful too.
I am leaning toward turning the page, not closing the book, but maybe it's time simply has come.


  1. Ron, personally I think that the more difficult blog posts are the most "enjoyable" in your blog, not that I would not like the others. But I am with you on the fact that if you are talking about difficult topics people tend to switch off mentally. "The internet is for porn". On the other hand I think that if you can bring people to actually dream about ANYTHING these days, you have a half success. If just one of 1000 actually gets his dream to working order and makes it real, you have a full success.

    Please-do not let it take you down to much. People are as people are.

    1. From the responses I got I learned that I do reach and inspire people, so my goal is being met.
      I will therefore continue, despite the fact that right now I have gotten into a pretty tough situation on a personal level with the potential of completely altering my life.
      But thank you.

    2. Ron, for your personal situation I wish you all the best and first and foremostly the strength you need, whatever this might be worth. Just do not forget who you are, and all will turn out... well, the way it turns out;-), but being the guy you are, I trust that you will make it.

    3. It was a close call last week. A very close call....

  2. Hey Ron. I know you mentioned in your latest post that you are going to continue with blogging, which I think is great, but just in case you become unsure again: Do what your intuition tells you. Take some time to quiet your mind and your environment and then ask yourself (with no pressure) if you should continue, and how. You will get an answer. Don't force continuing if it doesn't feel right. If blogging is an important and meaningful enough part of your life, keep on truckin!