Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wasting daylight

These past few days we have had a serious spell of thaw. The sound of dripping water everywhere, singing birds and on the balcony in the sun temperatures reached 20C!! The first flies have been active and our youngest daughter even saw a butterfly yesterday!! Bluetits are investigating the nestboxes, magpies are bickering over what I think should be nesting sites and the black woodpecker calls out to mark his territory.
The theme of change still seems actual. But if the weather forecasts are anything to go by, and they are quite erratic these last days too, winter will not just give in and should return after the weekend. It still is only february after all.
These are days that I feel at my worst. Not enough work to fill my days, one can only do so much household, anxious to get going in the garden, which is still hard as rock and covered in ice. I can not let out the chickens either, since the birdflu curfew still is in effect. Walking the over-dynamic duo has also become a high risk enterprise, since the roads are icing over and the studs underneath the boots do not always guarantee a sufficient footing! Yes, I think the fifth (Swedish) season has begun; vårvinter. That time between deep winter and spring.
So all in all my days are filled with a lot of reading. There are books to be found everywhere and authors like Forstchen, Paolini, Canavan, Rothfuss, Hoffman, Pullman or Sapkowski can be seen lying around or in hand. A welcome change in subject there too. For now no military history, biography, homesteading or gardening books, although fantasy has always been a popular subject with me.... or us. It is more the absence of the others that is noticeable.
And I have picked up my scale modelling hobby again too. Some creative juices are flowing again...
But these last few days my wife has been keeping me company. She is recovering from her flu and so we sit and drink coffee, do some chores together when possible.... and drink some tea.... and do our hobbythings.... and drink some more tea...

So we wait...... not really able to do more.
And that feels like wasting daylight to me.....

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