Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Turning things around

After that wonderfully dismal, depressing previous post I figured I'd level out my whining with some other, non relevant side information.
Winter has returned. We are seeing the sun these days and temperatures dropped. Fresh crisp air that cleanses the nostrils and sinuses are ours to enjoy again.

We have become convinced that our Rex not only is a German shepherd-Alaskan husky male, not only is the older half of the over-dynamic duo, but also the reincarnation of an old, grumpy man. He at times is moody and indeed grumpy, groans and moans when he lies down, wants to lie on soft bedding and he even looks like an old man!!! More and more I believe he was sent back to Earth as a dog, subservient to humans to learn his place and as punishment for being a total jerk in a previous life.
But he is learning. He is getting more gentle, more friendly and he really is a good pal to all of us, including the cats. He is learning to contain and withhold himself, trying to accept that someone else is getting attention, but not he at that time. His overprotectiveness is getting less and overall he seems to become less anxious, although his brain still works on overdrive and his fierceness has not lessened yet...
Doesn't he??!!
Odd and I are on a roll too with that whole bog out food box. It went from BOB F-72 to M T-72 (Matlåda or foodbox, T for timmar or hours) to M T-90 and that one become a part of the bigger picture, called MEK-5 beta, standing for Modular Evac Kit for 5, development-version. I'll get back to that sometime later on. But it is fun; 2 no more spring chicken roosters, balling back and forth ideas and going nuts over it like small boys with new toys. Like he said": Got to have some fun too. Can't all be serious..." The MEK Beta is his idea by the way.

But keeping with the whole change-thing; there's more change in the air for us.
The other night we had a familymeeting, something we do when there are issues to discuss concerning the whole family, so everyone is involved. It all started with my wife finding a house and dreamily commented that that would be something for us. My typical reaction was rolling my eyes, but still I looked at it..... And she was right. It really would fit us. Enough room for us all, easily adaptable to off-grid, a larger piece of land, so more room to grow food and have plenty of space left for us and the dogs and located in a community of which we know we would fit in much more.  And precisely that is the keyissue; we do not fit in her. We feel tolerated, but not really accepted, let alone welcome and above all we feel lonely here, especially the girls. No other kids in the village for them to hang around with. That place even has a Waldorf school right across the street (If there is a thing we miss since we left the Netherlands, than that would be it), so the girls would not only not having to take a 30-45 minute bus drive to school, they'd also have much more opportunity to meet friends and hang out with them.
So we had this meeting.... and all were positive!! We talked everything through; housing, schools, social aspect, but also finances and other potential pitfalls. The main thing that struck me however, was that we were unanimous. We are all ready to leave this place. That really hit me.....
Now there is a next to none chance we might pull this through, but we feel that every step we take will increase our chances. The first babysteps have been taken and we have many more to go, but the most important one has been taken.
Now I realise that this place has served its purpose; we found a place for ourselves in a new country. We learned what it is like to live out in the country here, have learned to be relatively independent and we have come to appreciate that very much. But we also learned we are not loners. We need people around us. We need a small community, preferably with a similar mindset to really thrive, interact and cooperate with. We have outgrown this place and the time to move on has come.
I truly believe that destiny has given us this place to learn and grow and I do believe that when the time is right we will move on and grow more.
Maybe this is that time....

We feel ready.....

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