Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Bug Out Food Box - part II

I have dubbed it the BOB F-72...

The following menu was thought up and I put together the ingredients accordingly.
- oats porridge (havregryn) with raisins and/or nuts
- hardbread with jam, liverpaté or cheese in a tube.
- semolina (mannagryn) porridge with dried fruit or applesauce

- tinned mackerel in tomato sauce and hardbread
- self baked bread w/nuts, dried fruits, raisins and jam
- canned soup

- pasta w/ham and tomato sauce
- rice, beans and tuna
- mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, sausage.

The contents;
What I packed myself;
1x5 portions of rice in a mylarbag
1x 13dl of flour, giving 2 loafs of bread. The required amount of yeast is taped to it.
1 vacuum sealed package of dried apricot pieces
1 vacuum sealed 1x5 portions of semolina
3x 5 portions of cacao+sugar (5+1 tablespoon)
5 portions of muesli vacuum sealed
1 pack of vacuum sealed hardbread (15 slices)

What I bought and used as is;
1 jar of coconut oil
4 cans of tuna
4 cans of assorted beans
1 small can of corn
2 can of 8 sausages
4 cans of a hearty soup
5 cans of mackerel in tomatosauce
1 can of pineapple pieces
1 pack with 4 bags of powdered, mashed potatoes. 1 pack will do for the 5 of us.
1 pack with 2 bags of powdered milk, each giving 5 liters of milk
1 pack of coffee
1 jar of honey
1 500gr. bag of pasta
2 cans of ham
1 jar of applesauce
1 can of sauerkraut
1 box of tea
2 bars of chocolate (real chocolate, not that brown, sugary surrogate)
1 can of tomato pieces
1 tube of concentrated tomato paste
2 packages of concentrated juice to make "lemonade"
1 package with 10 bouillon cubes
1 ziplock with a good number of small bags with salt, pepper and sugar. You know, the ones you get at every restaurant or gas station.... or IKEA. ;) And of course a box of matches. This ziplock also contains a small bag of silica to absorb moisture.

As an extra, since there was room to spare, I added 1x5 portions of muesli to be blended with milk, a small pack of bouillon cubes as a warm inbetween drink or as base for soup, containing what ever might be left and useable and 3 packages with 1x5 portions of cacao+sugar to make hot cocoa to make a warm energy drink for those not too fond of coffee or tea (also for those that are ;) )..... and of course some matches! I put those in almost every kit I have. With some products I left the cardboard outer shell in place as an emergency tinder to make fire. I still have some room left, so I am thinking about adding a package of egg noodles and maybe some dried vegetables, if I can find them. Along with the bouillon another quick, warm stomach filler. Maybe add some herbs. I am still looking for those small tins of liverpaté or jam. Those tubes with cheese are awful!
There are still some details to work out. First I need to add a clear window to the lid, behind which I can slip a note with the date and maybe product of the first thing that expires, as a memo to oversee the box as a whole. I will also add the menu, just in case. There'd be enough to think about, should we ever need to use the box as it is. I will exchange the large jar of honey for a small one. No need for almost 0,5kg of honey, how ever much I like it. I will take out the box of tea and replace it with 3x5 vacuum sealed teabags. I will regard this box as an ongoing project and exchange, alter or adapt as I see fit or need for it.

Now the very thing that got me started, was a wooden box that has been sitting in the my basement for a while, holding a variety of stuff and projects, but which originated as a transport box for our cast iron cookware. Nothing bombproof or heavy, yet sturdy enough for the purpose. I like the size though. Very handy with 2 rope handles.
The entire box weighs in at 24kg.

And to make things complete...... 5x5 and 5x2 liters of water. But since I topped up the containers, there is 0,5l of extra water per container. Enough for 72 hrs with room to spare, just as with the foodbox.
Why 5x5 and 5x2? Simple. The containers came free, you can much more easily store a small container or several of them in small places and you only need to open 1 small one at a time, minimizing the risk of contaminating or spilling the rest. Much easier to handle or refill too.

Now why on earth would anyone do this? Why make such a kit? There surely is no need for it?

First of all I sincerely do hope that there indeed will be no need for it..... ever. But!
With so many governments throughout Europe urging their people to be prepared for crisis or war. To make sure they can take care of themselves for at least 72hrs or even longer. With politics both local and global developing as they do..... There is something brewing.
Besides it also was a good training for the brain, an exercise for the mind.
And it doesn't hurt to have a little something in reserve. A power cut or a car breaking down, preventing you from getting supplies can just happen at any given time. In such cases one is glad to be a bit of a nutter... ;)


  1. Excellent food store for a short emergency provided you can pack it and the box in a truck/car/boat. Not practical for those forced to flee quickly on foot with what you can carry, (which is frequently the case).

  2. This is one item intended for a 1-hour bug out, meaning we as a family, can relocate within 1 hour and remain independent for at least 72 hours.
    Anything other than a sudden impact would give us the time to prepare in advance, but that does mean we have to keep an eye out for signs. Most scenarios forcing us to relocate would see a build up phase, prior to occurring, in which case anything needed for an evac would already be loaded or be ready at hand.
    If we have to evacuate on foot, then we have had a sudden impact occurrence, which most likely would be armed neighbours showing up at our doorstep. But even in such a scenario, there would have been a build up.

  3. Sounds like a fun project, even if it ends up being needed. I would be tempted to keep the bigger jar of honey. Excellent energy source and morale booster, but if you're the only one who really loves it then... more sauerkraut! Always good to have an acidic side to main meals.

  4. Do you got an expired date on it?? 1-2 years?