Tuesday, January 10, 2017

nothing to show for....

Well, the holiday season has come to an end at last and all the final bits of "goodies" have been devoured and digested. Gone are the good food and the pastries, the chocolate and the cookies, the ice cream and special beer. And I have the belly to show for it. Not that I/we overdid it, but it was just too much of the wrong stuff; carbs! So with these gone I hope my system will recover again soon.
Other than that, there's nothing exciting going on, so I'll just bother you with more winter wonderland stuff. The days before christmas the world was getting greener by the hour, but right after that winter came tiptoeing back into the land, reclaiming its reign in full on new year's day....
On christmas day we met our friends from the village for a short hike up to the vantagepoint, introducing our dogs to one of theirs; Atos, a young gråhund (hunting dog) male. That went surprisingly well! Apart from the expected excitement, no growling, barking or otherwise unwanted behaviour. Our pooches can be social, when together. We noticed Rex becoming less aggressive toward one of the neighbours' dog already, yet he remains fierce toward a selected few.

After christmas the temperatures started sinking again and we got some high winds to go with that. That made going out quite a bit less pleasant than a few days before..
Yes, it felt as cold as the clip suggests...

But on new year's day winter kicked in good. We got a ton of snow after which temperatures plummeted. At the lowest we almost hit -28°C, but the real cold only lasted for one day. We were quite worried about our ladies and gents out in the chicken coop, though. Especially about Dr.Watson. We noticed he has what we call fotskabb (knemidocoptes mutans ) or knemidocoptes, but we did not dare to treat his legs in these kind of temperatures, involving washing/scrubbing the legs and covering them with some form of grease/vaseline.
Anyway... we got about 40cm of snow instead of the predicted 10-15 and a few nippy days. Temperatures are above 0 again right now, but will dip once more soon.

The "centre" of our cluster of villages, some 10km away read -15, but one of the neighbours recorded -27.9. And that will give you some hints indoors, before going outdoors.... Yes, that is ice.

The following pictures have been taken by my wife....
starring our youngest daughter and our over-dynamic duo.

Waiting for winter to return..... and hopefully stay here for a while!

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