Saturday, January 21, 2017

lengthening days

On december 21st, the sun went up at 09:00 and went down 14:39...
Now, one month later, it is 08:35 and 15:40...
That's 1,5 hour of more daylight within a month and now that pace only quickens. The days around the equinoxes are almost stable for a week or so, bringing down the average.
For me this is the period of "The long Wait".... The wait until spring comes. Not that I no longer enjoy winter, but it is no longer new, fresh and exciting. It has become everyday life. Still holding its charm and working its magic, but everyday life nonetheless.
Now is also the time of dreaming, of fantasising how the garden should be like in a few months and the time to start planning for it.
One of the plans that has to be thought over, maybe even cancelled, is the coming of dwarf goats. Why? Because the planned areas, where they would be frolicing about, contain an unpleasant surprise (for them) we had not taken into account: poisonous plants!
Ohhh how wonderful to be adding pictures of flowers again!!
Yes, lilies of the valley and lupins. Now the lupins, despite being beautiful and a glorious sight to see along the roads in summer, I can do without. As a matter of fact I have already begun to eradicate them from our piece of land, since they are an invasive species. The lilies of the valley however I will not get rid off, if only for their delicate beauty in spring and above all the scent with which they fill the air!! That to me is such a powerful, happy feeling triggering thing I really do not want to do without!
The massive presence of said lilies in the planned goat pasture means that we have to alter our plans. Now I am thinking of 2 lesser pastures instead of 1 bigger. These will not be so big, but we can switch between pastures whenever we feel like it. The abundant plant growth in spring could mean that the pastures could regenerate somewhat in between goat visits.
What I do not like about that plan however is that we will have fenced in areas all over the place, taking away that feeling of free room around the house. At least that's what I'm afraid of.
This "long Wait" is made more bearable, and at the same time more unbearable too, by planning what to sow, where to put it and how to create plant or flowerbeds with what has been sown.

This year the main focus will be on creating areas with perennials and the use of much more flowers! More flowers throughout the garden and around the house. I have always been a huge admirer of the so called English cottage gardens. Of those lush, colourful and seemingly, slightly wild and chaotic gardens.... And the making of a "teagarden" is scheduled as well. Not a garden to have tea in, which will happen anyway, but a garden to make tea from!

However winter's still here to stay for a while and I continue to enjoy its wonders, despite daydreaming about what is or might come spring- and summertime. But during mild periods, like the one we're having right now the sun is giving of just that little bit extra warmth and the great and blue tits are testing their vocal cords with frail voices and short songs.....

And speaking of winter.... have you ever paid attention to the colour of snow?
Yeah, it's white.... only it isn't. Yes, it is white, but only when it falls. Once on the ground it becomes like a chameleon, taking on the colour of the surroundings. In the case of snow, the colour of the prevalent light. It turns yellow in the low hanging wintersun, but becomes shades of blue as soon as the sun doesn't touch it anymore. On overcast days it turns grey, but in the pink and orange light of sunrise and sunsets it becomes pink itself

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