Sunday, January 29, 2017

5 years....

395 posts. More than 300.000 views.

5 years to this day..... since I first started writing this blog. Initially thought as an outdoor sideshow for our emigration blog, but it became so much more. It was to become the tale of the journey I had embarked on...

And what a journey that has become...

Starting out as a man, trying to escape the madness of modern city life and, unconsciously, searching for himself, his place and his connection. And well on his way discovering more and more the true wickedness of the life and system he was trying to get away from. A journey with hardship and amazing discoveries, with bitter lessons and awesome revelations. A journey discovering home.... and myself.
During this journey past, present and future came together. The way I grew up with the way and the crafts of old, like food preserving, firing up the stove on a cold winter morning and the growing of plants, through gardening, the longing for independence and the absurdity of logistical systems, massively polluting the air we breath, the water we drink and ruining the very land we grow our food on, poisoning that too along the way...
5 years of ramblings, babblings, outdoorsy woods stuff, bushcraft, politics, personal brainfarts, social issues or plain everyday life of a wannabe homesteader. I think I done it all. Sometimes i worry that there will not be much left to write about or that I start repeating myself, but so far I think I managed to avoid both issues.,,, more or less.
5 years.... and looking back through the posts, as I regularly do, when I am bored or don't feel like doing anything, I can not help but notice how much things have changed. How much I and indeed we all have changed.
During the life of this blog I have lost old friends, found some new ones, but lost some of those again, too. We found a new home, I radically changed my lifestyle and everyday life, we got older and the tensions of starting a new life from scratch do show. I barely recognise my own children, comparing them with the images in my mind of 5 years ago. They grow up so fast, both physically but also mentally. I daresay that sometimes I barely recognise myself!
5 years and in some ways they seem like 5 weeks, but in others they seem like a lifetime.
In the beginning I thought I was a woodsman, connecting to nature and being at home in the forest. Little did I realise that I was but a city guy, running into the woods to escape modern urban life, including the job he hated. Turns out I still do love the woods, but I am not at home there. I am a mere visitor. A worshipper in the cathedrals of mother nature. Turns out I am much more a farming guy. In love with the plants he sows, plants and later harvests. At peace when surrounded by chickens and bees. In awe of the small creatures a garden harbours. At home in the agricultural landscape of southern Dalarna. If someone would have told me years ago that one day I'd be standing in the middle of a cackling and clucking bunch of chickens, whilst cleaning our their coop and feel at peace, just looking at them I might have laughed in their face.

These days the blog is moving more toward the prepping hemisphere. How could it not be? It is the accumulation of all things learned and done. Given the ways in which society and economy are developing, one has to be an absolute blind idiot (to me) to not see it. But then again I do think that we are in no short supply of that category of people.
Sometimes I wonder if I take it too far, but more often I feel I am not taking it far enough. I guess the long winter nights leave a lot of time to think and wonder.
But the days of growing are nearing again. Growing as in plants and animals. I do not see any growth for man. Maybe that will come after winter has come and gone for the western world. Being reborn again in the spring of an new era. Because I am hopeful. The process will be very painful and even more ugly and many will not make it. Large chance we will not either. But I will give us the best chance we have, the largest advantage over the rest possible. And in the end it might prove to be not enough or it just might prove to have been. For us, but much more importantly for our kids. It is they that will have to deal with what will be left, for we have had the largest part of our existence.
But maybe, no probably, it is for the best that many will not make it through the turmoil. After all mankind truly has become a plague. Ransacking our home planet, like a spoiled, disrespectful addict ransacks the house of its parents, consuming what it finds, destroying whatever gets in the way and is deemed not of use at the time, all in search of the quick fix. We, as a species, have squandered our birthright. The right to a nourishing, sheltering home. Because we ransacked, pillaged, defiled and consumed our home and the treasures therein.
Do I think my children deserve to live and maybe find such a place? I most certainly do, as does every child. Like I said I believe it is their right by birth. Whether they maintain that right is up to them and decided by their actions. Continue ransacking, consuming and destroying and that right will be lost. To love, cherish and maintain that world earns them a right to that place. And I feel the vast majority of (wo)men have long lost that. Do or did I earn it? I let others decide. Those that come after me and hopefully they can honestly say:"Yes dad, you did...."

As for this blog..... I will continue to write, simply because I love to write. And simply because I feel that this way I might reach out and touch people, inspire them or just to let them enjoy what I write and do. I know there are those who do enjoy it, but I sincerely hope that I touch people and inspire them to be the change they want to see, themselves.
That would be the ultimate reward and even reaching one would have made these 5 years worth while.


  1. Happy anniversary!
    It has been a pleasure to get to know you and your family and be a small part of your yourney. And even though we have very different backgrounds, but despite that and physical distance I feel we have found solid commond ground, and I regard you as one of my best friends. I have the outmost respect for what you and your family have been through and have accomplished in these 5 years. And I'm looking forward to many yers to come. You don't go upwards on a flat road.

    1. Tack Odd.
      You know the feelings are mutual.

  2. Your thoughts and consequentially your writings have really inspired me and continue to inspire me. I am a lazy bum when commenting on other blogs is concerned, but that does not mean I do not read them or cherish what I read. And as Skaukraft puts it, yap, it has been a pleasure (and an honour) to participate in your journey. And you can indeed be proud of what you have achieved.

    And there are a lot of things I can pretty much relate to, and what is even better, the points where we differ makes me think.

    So, thank you for that time, and of course I wish you all the best for yourself and your family! I certainly look forward to new brain and soul food from you.

    1. Danke dir!
      It always is nice to hear that.
      And the best for you and your endeavours as well!