Monday, November 7, 2016

Things just slowed down

Things are pretty slow on this blog lately. It isn't that I have nothing more to say; I am actually a bit behind. No, it is more like the motivation to say things has kind of left me. What's the use?
I see and hear many so-called discussions all around me and I do get involved in quite a few myself, but there is no discussion. People take a stance or have a view and they do not discuss that. No, they force that upon you. Their view is right and you have to be converted to see it their way. Having a different opinion makes you a heretic, an infidel. Maybe even a threat? Listening to each other's arguments seems like an old fashioned etiquette. Furthermore it is no longer in fashion to actually back up one's opinion by facts or arguments. Mere feeling or believing something is enough to revert to step one; conversion. And if someone can not be converted, they you just shout them down, point with a finger and call them names. You're either with them or against them.
So I'll back away from doing that for a while.....

November came and with it came winter. And we got caught completely off guard. A few important things are not finished yet for a number of reasons. Finances is one, authorities is another. The underlying reason to both is bureaucracy. We are experiencing a few samples of Swedish bureaucracy at its finest with ridiculous processing times for applications. We're talking months here, as in more than 2. I feel this is one of the most crippling things in Swedish society; an overly large, embarrassingly slow and inhumanely distant bureaucracy.
But still..... winter is here! One day the forecast looked good; dry, temperatures around or just above freezing with even a hint of sun. Perfect weather for doing outside work. And within 2-3 days that was completely changed; first we got showered with sleet and wet snow, the wind picked up a few notches and temperatures dropped. Then 20-40 cms of snow was forecast and the entire region got panic stricken, since most still drove around on their summer tires. Many rushed to the professionals for help, creating insane long queues and according to the newspapers "the law of the jungle ruled" at those places and we all know what that means. They even decided to work all through the night...
Afterwards it turned out to be just more sleet, wet snow, but also snow that remained, turning roads into hazardous slushy ice surfaces. The amounts seemed to be accurate though and we were changing our tires in that weather. NO fun. Now the temperatures do not rise above freezing anymore and we have snow, both on the ground and in the air with more to come.

Winter is here and yet it actually is the first time that I do not like it arriving. I feel ill prepared, uneasy, like I have missed something. I'd rather had it arrive a month later, but it is as it is.
Life has slowed down, there isn't much we can or want to do right now. The garden slumbers, the bees are at rest, the chickens hardly leave their coop and even walking the dogs is less vigorous than usually. Body and mind feel weary and my days at work seem to demand more of me then before.
Many an hour is spent with a book in hand, but I've not become completely idle.
Things just slowed down........


  1. I can't believe Rex. Look at that dog lying down and relaxed. That other dog is a good influence. Or am I just ill-informed?

    We finally got rain so we are green green green. Just short green but what a relief for the eye!

    Today is our Big Day. Election Day. I am going about my business and not paying attention to it until tonight when more polling places are closed. This has been just as you say. The most unprecedented campaign I have ever experienced. We watched a show called "60 Minutes" the other night and they had a segment where a guy held a focus group on the election and what he found was terrible. People reduced to yelling and calling names within minutes. When he asked why are you so angry it was a huge pile of historical disappointment starting with Nixon impeachment going right into Wall Street and onward through Media etc etc. My analysis is that people who achieve power have been mostly behaving in their own self interest. They get office or a power job and it's sorry suckers every man for himself. This is nothing new. However we all know about it now (or what we've been told) and it is making us mad. Hopefully this anger will cause us to become involved and make an effort to turn the tide. But let's say the Tide Turners prevail and changes are made. Will the Tide Turners then become Self Interested Power Mongers? Is it human nature to do this?

    When we're down we're all nice and helpful of each other and when we get into power we turn our backs on our fellows?

    Yesterday I left my elementary school where I had been teaching 3rd graders all day long. As I walked away I thought this restores my faith in humanity. The 3rd grade children were polite, appreciative, sweet and engaged.

    Then I went to my class at the junior high. Talk about opposite! If there had been one or two kids acting out disrespect I could have handled it. But a full 3/4 of the kids were bouncing off the walls. I had to stand on a table to get their attention. There was even another adult teacher in the room. After an hour of barely controlled chaos the program director came in and dressed them down in a very loud voice for about 10 minutes. I left exhausted and completely forgot my lovely 3rd grade experience. What happens between 5th grade and 6th grade to make the older kids disrespectful and self centered? Just like the adults we hear in the election.

    1. Let's just say the dogs aren't always like this. Rex is showing more and more unwanted behaviour as does Lester. The first seems to be growing more and more insecure, because Lester is coming of age, with matching aggressive behaviour and the latter has become a juvenile delinquent but without any significant amounts of intelligence.

      Respect is something the young ones no longer get taught. Maybe in the early years, but later on tv takes over and parents no longer can or want to compete. And we all know what tv is like.

      And those elections; it really doesn't matter who wins or loses, the consequences are going to be grave and far reaching with only one outcome; war.

    2. Usually I try to be an optimistic person and not let ideas of war bother me but after today's election I have to admit that I am now very afraid. And there's no place to escape to. This is a very creepy feeling.

  2. I personally think that you are right in that war is coming, and it has nothing to do with one or the other dark lord rising. It has more to do with what you mention in the first lines. People do not want to discuss, they want simple solutions. Funny, though, for I am experiencing this with my former circle of friends, too. It came virtually out of nowhere. I cannot help but think that this is a genetical failsafe in humanity, as is the case with lemmings. A lot of people will have to die. But then there are far too many humans on this planet in the first. We all COULD live in peace. But it just cannot be.

    I was always thinking that violence is not an option. But, faced with the prospects of future, I have to accept the fact that it might be inevitable for survival. And this is what I hate "them" most for.

    I should say, that we forest people will have a good chance, if there are no nuclear arms involved, to survive. But we will survive just so, and what will certainly not survive are things like love and trust.

    Now, I´d say, I regret this. But, to talk with Pat Rothfuss´words, I´ll try my best to teach them the "wise man´s fear", if I really must, but try to keep alive what I can as far as love, trust and discussion culture are concerned.

    1. I love your words. They are from the heart. I still worry because even though Kin Jong In may not send out a nuclear war head to wherever he thinks it needs to be sent he is perfectly capable of selling it to someone who doesn't care where they send it and doesn't mind dying. Nay, they are all too willing to die.

      I had my art students draw heros the other day. Malama, Dr King, Gandhi, etc. I needed to be reminded that people will stand up in the face of the avalanche and let it wash over them to slow it down.