Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Norwaytrip 2016 - part 2, an early and frosty morning

I took so many pictures that I wanted to show that I needed to split the whole report in 3 parts.
It was a very early morning. We were awake at about 6:30 and up 5 minutes later. I slept rather well and was asleep almost as soon as I hit my pillow (yes, I did bring mine) last night.
There had been an intermezzo during the night, in which Odd stumbled around, while uttering muffled curses. Turned out he had hit the underside of his foot on the edge of a board, precisely on the soft spot between toes and the balls of his foot, resulting in a pretty big cut. I feared for the planned hike, but he taped it all up pretty well and was going to give it a try anyway!
In order for Odd to get breakfast ready... and not get in the way in his claimed domain, I spent the early hours of a new and only just awakening day outside around the cabin.
The night frost had decorated the landscape in a sugar-like coating, the roof of the cabin being completely white. A fresh, crispness in the air that just dissolves the cobwebs of sleepiness, making you alert, energised and strangely content with the world and yourself. One of the many faces of actual happiness...

The way Odd saw the day getting nearer...

And the way I saw it arrive and regaining territory.

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  1. I want a little cabin like that! Love your pictures of the frost.