Sunday, September 4, 2016

The ordinary life

A quiet sunday morning.... The wife and daughters are sleeping over at the charcoalkiln site, the son is still in bed. I got to sleep in late; until 07:30. It's a sunny morning, cool and windy. Walking the dogs I notice the leaves are turning yellow and some of those are being carried by the wind. A new routine has developed; first the animals, then we. Our chickens presented me with fresh eggs. Out of the chickencoop into the frying pan onto the plate in under 10 minutes. Accompanied with some bacon and hot coffee, the best breakfast one can have! A wifi-less morning, since no one is around to be online. Instead a morning with a second mug of coffee, a book on cows in hand, a purring kitten on my lap and 2 dogs at my feet...... Tomorrow is monday again and it'll be quite different....

The summer vacation has come to an end. My summer job as well. The wife has started her job again and the kids are back in school. We have gone back to that wonderful, routinely, monotonous life again. I do not like summer all that much. Not just because of the warmth, but also because during the months off, every form of routine goes right out the window. It is hard to keep them up and it requires a good deal of discipline, which is something we are not really good at. So right now I am trying to get back into that everyday routine again and experience has shown that that might take a little while.
And of course now that the kids are back in school, the mrs. is working again.... summer decided to come back with a few days of wonderful, dry and sunny weather! Wouldn't you know it... but the air is a lot cooler and the, sometimes fierce, rain and morning fogs have returned as well. We also got a new familymember.....

This is also the time where we have started operation "Clean Sweep", meaning getting rid of everything, or at least a lot of, the things we do not need anymore. Clothes the kids have outgrown, furniture and other stuff that just is in the way and clutters up the house; the works. We'll be going through things room by room, cleaning up, selling, giving and throwing away... Create room to breathe and live.... We had been planning this for a while, but by chance we came across a book (surprise, right? ;) ) that will help us do it.
Speaking of coming across things.... The other day we were going to get a new bench for the kitchen. The one we had, is by far too big and cumbersome. So on a sunday afternoon we got into the car and drove to the address we were supposed to get that bench. Turns out is was a family farm with a huge barn, stuffed to the brim with stuff; a very large secondhand store of sorts.... Of course.... And of course we could not help roaming around. And this does not help with the decluttering-idea either, because we never come out empty handed. As it was this time too. BUT..... The main scoop was a load of military surplus. I found a pristine woolen m39 field uniform, which fits me perfectly, but which might also fetch a good price, when sold on. Yes, when not if. I also found a LK35 backpack with contents; a stainless steel cookset + 2 canteens. That means I can sell my aluminium ones and the LK35 will hopefully be sold on. They have a kind of cult status among bushcrafters, other than swedish. But the party didn't end there. There was also a m/1905 backpack, stamped 1906 in good shape for its age. If I clean it up it should yield another few 100 kr. Saw they being sold for as much as 900 at a surplus store. Just by selling this stuff I would more than double the total amount spent and then we'd still have the bench, a pair of long woolen socks, 2 cast iron waffle irons, a brand new pair of high brand sneakers for the mrs. AND of course some books. So all in all I am thinking a deal here.

There's also been a major shift in plans lately. We need to exchange/upgrade our sewage system. That's obligatory. We contacted a contractor and he came out to look at the situation. Turns out we have other options than expected. It will involve the cutting down of trees and ruining that wonderful fireplace location we have. It'll give us a not unsubstantial bank loan as well. On the upside we will massively reduce contaminating surface waters in our immediate area and the loan will be a lot less (up to 50%) then we had anticipated. It will also give us an extra area to grow food, meaning the addition or relocation of a lot of berry bushes, which in turn will clear room for growing crops elsewhere. All in all we are looking at a possible increase of food growing area up to 10%. And a good deal of firewood on top of that, which we will not need to buy. But in order to process it we will need to buy tools, so that levels things out. However we will have the tools and have learned how to use them, when all's done.
This entire operation means we can not start constructing our planned greenhouse on the southern wall of the house, but it also means we do not have to tear down the shed either. So Now I am planning on fixing up that one, install the little stove we have and turn it into a woodworking shed.
Amazing how one single event can cause so a chain reaction, huh.

Another thing I have been planning is a visit to Norway to go and see my buddy Odd. He visited us 2 years ago and we haven't seen each other since. Good things there's something like facbook in these matters. Can't wait to get over there, even if it means driving for 4 hours. I really need to get away for a few days. Too much has been on my mind lately and I desperately need a break to recharge.

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  1. Love getting used stuff in good condition! Sounds like transition zone of Fall is going good at your place!