Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New project!!! Woodstove renovation

I have finally begun working on our woodfed kitchenstove. The poor thing has been sitting under a tarpaulin for the last 2 years.
It is a Norrahammar No.1927, which we bought for 900kr. Due to all kinds of reasons, one was figuring out how the heel to get it up into the house and into the kitchen, it remained where we put it... Until now, because our friends here reminded us that we can take apart that stove! Just removing the plates and the doors would greatly reduce its weight and make it more easily handleable. So I pulled off the tarp, expecting to see a chunk of rust... but no! It still looked very presentable, given its age and the circumstances. We had put it on a wooden pallet and nailed planks on the corners that stood upward, onto which I fastened the tarp (actually a thick, reinforced  sheet of plastic). This way the air could always circulate around the stove, but rain and snow were kept away. I then started to take it apart, removing the plates and the top, brushing off dirt and soot as I progressed. The interior however did not look too good. The fireproof cement on top of the over had degenerated into sand and dust, so that will have to be completely redone. One of the interior walls is deformed, probably overheated at one point.... or several points.
The same goes for the watertank, actually. It will hold water, but probably needs to be replaced too.

After the quite messy job, the oven has lost so much weight that I am confident that we can move it up the hill, stairs and into the house (stairs again).

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  1. Oh boy that does sound like a project but a worthy one! I have an old Franklin Stove out back that I want to renovate so let me know how it goes. I'll probably write about it when we get the project going. So there will be pictures. It's quite a beauty. The only thing that is missing is the base which ruins the whole picture but there it is and we'll figure something out that isn't too jarring aesthetically.