Monday, August 8, 2016

We're harvesting....

There's a change in the air. The air is a lot cooler, fresh, there's a lot of wind with strong gales and it is overcast. And I noticed that I am enjoying it! really enjoying it! The days are getting shorter and fast! By 5 minutes every day..... A good month ago we sat outside and could read at midnight. Now we are sitting inside during the late evening with the lights on.
I wrote earlier that the harvest in our garden this year is modest, but luckily we are able to harvest elsewhere. The last, large batch of rhubarb, loads of black and red currants. Our own garden yields squash, chard and pickles and the brambles are ripening. Onions and garlic is drying, but the latter is a lot smaller than I had thought. Again the ground is far too dense and heavy. I hope I can get some cloves to replant elsewhere.
Soon the potatoes will follow and the kale is doing fine. We spotted the first cabbages in the making and the corn is setting fruit too. Just hope it will ripen, but that goes for a lot this year. Hoping for a good, warm and sunny autumn.
In a week or so we will also start feeding the bees in order to help them getting through the winter.

My favorite place in the food garden.
Who says that those have to be neat, orderly and boring??


  1. Your garden is just gorgeous! And I love your boot planters! Things are going well over there. You must be pleased.

  2. The boots are my old army boots. They finally gave up on me. Well used I might add...
    And yes, we were pleased to harvest something. A lot less pleased as most of it withered away, because we could not take care of it, due to a series of events, forcing our attention elsewhere.