Saturday, July 2, 2016

They have come!!

Finally.... our bees have arrived!
Our very first bees; one box at our place, one box at my parents in laws place. I placed the box as close as possible to the opening of the topbarhive, so the bees will have orientated themselves before the move.
This was last night, just before 22:30... Yes, pm!!
This morning the ladies were out and about, despite windy conditions and lots of rain...
We will move them into the topbarhive next monday, when the weather will have improved and many of them will be out... hopefully.

And wouldn't you know it; as we were driving towards the place we were to collect our bees, I got a call from someone in our village. If I still was interested in bees? The old beekeeper here has a lot of his old stuff still stored in a large open shed and a swarm of bees had nested themselves there... So I'll be going there this week and will check it out.

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