Thursday, June 23, 2016

I'm a case study.....

yup.... and my case will end up in a book too, along with 8 others.
It is a book about highly sensitive men, the person doing the book and the studying is Tom Falkenstein and he founded the European centre for high sensitivity as well.
I am a man, who happens to be hsp; a highly sensitive person. That doesn't mean I am a wuss, sissy, fag or pushover. It is not an illness or mental disability. I am not broken and need no fixing. It is a character feature. It is not a label, but an understanding of who I am and why.
It means that my nervous system is a good deal more sensitive than the average person's and that I, as a result, am much more receptive for stimuli from the outside. Things like noise, light, stress, tensions etc. etc. It means I perceive the world around me on levels uncommon to the rest of the people.

Tom describes it like this:
"An innate trait found in 15% to 20% of the population, being highly sensitive means having a more sensitive nervous system than others. This means that someone who is highly sensitive is more aware than others of subtleties in their surroundings, such as noise, smells, colours, but also interpersonal dynamics, and processes this information more deeply. This level of sensitivity can be an advantage in many ways, but it can also be often a disadvantage as people who are highly sensitive feel over-stimulated or overwhelmed more quickly due to their sensitive perception. Biologists have found the trait in over 100 species, from fruit flies to primates. Dr Elaine Aron has been researching the trait and its impact on people since the early 1990s and has written a series of books on the highly sensitive person (HSP)"

Elaine Aron also has a site, of course; and yes, her books, or at least 3 of them, sit on my bookshelves ever since my therapist recommended them to me, during my recoveryfase after being burnt out. They meant a world of differences to me, that's for sure!

Anyway, the plan is to have the book ready early next year and to be published august after that.
I am quite proud to participate and I really hope it will help some guy out there..... because in our completely uncaring, heartless, emotionless, superficial society a highly sensitive man is the least wanted, the least recognised and the least understood of all and that causes a lot of problems and misery for the man in question.
Or at least that's the way I feel.....


  1. One of these days I hope that the HSP will be known for the value they offer to society. Might not be in our lifetime. Maybe we'll be known as "Perceptives" and not weirdos.

  2. Hello,
    I just came across your post and thought I'd pass along a couple of items you might find useful. First, there is a brand new book called "The Highly Sensitive Man: Embrace the kind, strong and wholehearted man within" by Dan McLeod which is now available at Amazon. You might also like my post titled "I am a Highly Sensitive Man" a link to which can be found on the home page of my website.

    Best wishes,
    Rick Belden

    1. Thanks a lot for replying, Rick.
      I checked your site. Loads of good stuff there!