Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dogs and lessons

I guess it is time for a little update on the dog-story!
Both are doing just fine! They are the best of mates, playful, lively, pretty close and still trying to figure out their relationship to one another in regard to dominance. Lester is a gentle giant, powerful and sweet. Rex is a lot less strong, but more mean and not always fair. Whenever he can not "beat" Lester fair and square, he uses foul play. But his dominance is regularly being challenged!!
It has become obvious that Lester has hit "puberty"....
Lester has also become strong. Very strong! And he isn't even fully grown yet.... So far he has torn 3 leashes apart. A white woven one just ripped apart, one of the newly bought green ones, ripped apart the stitching lengthwise and on the inside! The makeshift leash with clip did not even stand a chance....

So now we use what we have, being 2 leashes that are not equally long and that actually worked out very well! Now Rex automatically is in lead and Lester automatically falls in behind. The issues when walking them have drastically lessened. The same goes for my frustration and both my patience and understanding with and of them has increased...
All is well then? Well, mostly, yes. But we all still have a great deal to learn and sometimes it simply is a clash of characters. I am in a not too good mood, Rex is unable to restrain himself or Lester is being totally unreachable.... or he annoys and teases Rex, who responds fiercely and I get tangled up.
Or they are being goofy and boisterous and I nearly end up  peeing myself with laughter.
Be that as it may, we have had some help and got some good tips on how to handle them better and that is paying off.

Lester has helped Rex getting over his fear of water!
There is this ramp on one of the lakeshores and there we often stop. There are interesting smells there and they can drink. On one of those occasions there was a bright red bottle floating there; a boy or marker for a crayfishcage. Lester was very intrigued by it, but it was to far off. On the other side there is a concrete ball with a ring on top of it for mooring a boat. Now that was equally interesting and a lot closer! 
You can see the bottom of the lake where the dogs stand. Where it gets darker the bottom drops..... Lester jumped..... and went under completely! The look on his face, when he came up and out! He shook himself so vigorously that his hindlegs were thrown left and right. He turned around, stared at the ball and was preparing for a second attempt!! But was uncertain if he would take a plunge again.. 

We will continue to work on and with them and on ourselves as well. I am quite convinced that we can achieve our goals together with our boys, but it will take a great deal of effort and time. They both do show that they missed out on a lot in their early days. It has shaped them and we have to learn to work with that....

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  1. Good work! What a wonderful life for your dogs! My one dog mixed breed about 35 pounds has figured out how to get out of our property. He is So Smart! Mr Good As He Wants To Be! So we have gotten a "shock" collar. I was leery of it at first. But we used it for the first time last night. Low level vibration did nothing. He was being pretty good and then he saw a rabbit on the other side of the fence. I called him to come. Ignores me. Switch to shock. Press button. Nothing. Call to come. Ignores. Press again. This time a small yelp and now he comes! Now he stays by my side. It's a miracle! We're going to try to aversion train him to the gate where he squishes himself under to escape. Love Dog Stories!