Wednesday, May 18, 2016

An epic trip in the making...

Well, maybe not epic, but quite adventurous!!

Via BCUK the idea was launched to have a meeting in the arctic/ above the polar circle during winter.
I was interested before, but finances forced me to back down.
Now the situation is a bit different and I could even take the dogs and a sled, making bringing a tent, a stove and plenty of food a lot easier.
Much of the things needed I already have, some of the knowledge too, a bit of experience with winterconditions and I would not be alone out there either.
And then the idea came to me; this would be THE opportune occasion to do what I have been thinking about for a long time; to initiate my son into manhood. If you can camp in the arctic during winter before you turn 15, you have the right stuff to be a man!
This trip, and above all all the preparations needed for it, would enable me to spend qualitytime with him, which is quite rare, since our interests are so completely different. When I told him this his reluctance seemed to lessen quite a bit....

Destination would be the area around Suorva (Stora Sjöfallet/Stuor Muorkke national park), roughly 115km northwest of Jokkmokk..... with the Sarek national Park very close by!

source; svenskaturistfö
During the initial planningstage I started looking for a suitable tent. It would have to house me, my son, 2 large dogs, a stove and preferably our gear too. I figured some other folks might be interested as well, so I sent out some invitations. Odd (Skaukraft) is considering to join us and I hope Matt (weekend woodsman) too. So I started eyeballing a socalled "förläggningstält 12", a Swedish army group tent.
The really weird thing is that I did find several, ranging from almost 9000kr down to 5000. And right after I had written a reply in the BCUK-thread about being busy looking for one, I came across a sales ad selling one for 3000kr. I took the bait...

Not this one, but one like it.
I included a link on how to erect one such tent, so I could find it again, too.

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