Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hey, have you seen the news today? Paris protests....

Something's going on, folks!

Massive protests have occurred all across France and spreading into Europe!
Those protests initially seemed to be peaceful, but I assure you that that will not last long. I am predicting violence erupting everywhere and the authorities will act accordingly; curfews, arrests, policeviolence.... Anything to suppress this spontaneous outbreak of civil anger and disobedience.
But no matter how much vionece the powers that be will use or instigate, the genie is out of the bottle! People have been pushed around, suppressed and provoked for a long time now and they have had enough.....

In one of the reports I read a quote that should make you, us AND the ruling class think;
"There’s something here that I’ve never seen before in France – all these people converge here each night of their own accord to talk and debate ideas – from housing to the universal wages, refugees, any topic they like. No one has told them to, no unions are pushing them on – they’re coming of their own accord."
Because of this it is clear that there is a huge feeding ground for protest to grow, to converge and to create a stir. There are no leaders, there is no agenda..... It started as protests against French government changes, but it has grown into something else.....
Does it all start again in France?
Will there be another "storming the Bastille"- kind event?
Will there be another revolution?
Given the interconnectedness these days it most likely will spread and spread fast!

The ruling class has become to arrogant, to brutal, to reckless and to deranged.
Time to topple them.

Another quote;
Thus, today on the Place de la République, it is not 9 April; it is 40 March. Playing with dates deliberately echoes the French Revolution, which started in “year one”. It involuntarily recalls the opening line of George Orwell’s 1984, when a clock strikes 13.
In the early days, the participants had no individual names. Everyone was “Camille”, a name which can be male or female in French.
But it is difficult to enforce rules in a movement with no rules – and individual names are creeping back.

Gael, a student in his early twenties, dressed all in black, with a neat beard and a serious smile, said: “We don’t know where this is going – that’s the whole point. We don’t have plans. We don’t have demands. We don’t have leaders. We disagree about many things, but we know that things have to change. We didn’t need the Panama leaks to tell us how the world works. We no longer want a system where the selfishness of a few limits the lives and opportunities of the many.”


Of course the mainstream media is depicting these demonstrations as "violent" and they'll do just about anything to label this movement as "leftist", "anarchistic" or whatever "undesirable" label they can come up with.
And the Swedish media?? Silent as a churchyard!!!
Except for 1 (one!) article; ny proteströrelse forbryllar

But something is going on, folks...
It is called "nuit debout" (awake all night)...


  1. This is very sad.

    Not because I could not relate to the grievances these people utter. But because every revolution has reaction in its baggage. There will be more blood, more deaths, and futile at that.

    We do not need a revolution. We need evolution. We need to change as humankind, not "us" or "them". Yeah, I would die for my opinion and human rights, but not if it´s all for nope. And I fear these protests are a bit short-sighted. Also, you can bet on the media just giving you that bit of information they think safe, not necessarily because they have been bought out, but because they are afraid.

    I work in business promotion, and one thing I can say is that "they" have networks we as simple people normally cannot even imagine, and they will do whatever they think necessary to feed their greed. They would nuke their own country ten metres below ground zero.

  2. "We do not need a revolution. We need evolution. We need to change as humankind, not "us" or "them"." - I completely agree with this statement. (and thanks to Ron for opening the discussion). I have been thinking about what we need to do as humans to evolve. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how we have so much trouble because we have this "them or us" mentality which is so rooted in primitivism (not so far from cave dwelling are we). I want us all to realize we are Earthlings and One. Nation states need to disappear and we need to find (more) commonality. More because there are many of us who want and are willing to work for it. Fly the Earth Flag. Not the flag of your country. Your country divides you from the rest of your brothers and sisters which is the human race and the other nations of this planet which are the one leggeds (trees etc) and 4 leggeds (animals etc). Now tell me the holes in my reasoning.