Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring has come

Or it felt that way this morning at least, as there was a very physical change in the weather.
The skies cleared right before the rising of the sun and as they did banks of fog came rolling in from over the lakes onto the land.
I stood there for a while watching it. As the clouds in the skies retreated, the clouds on land advanced and there were very clear boundaries to both. The rising sun cast it all in an unbelievably mystical and dreamy light. So rich and thick you could almost think of touching it.
And as the sun rose, so did the temperature and the fog started dissipating. This event for me marked the beginning of spring, since from now on, according to the forecasts, the daytime temperatures will go up to well above freezing.

But not before King Winter had made his presence felt. He gave us more snow. About 10cm during saturday, which started to melt right away, but we got about 15cm more during monday. Heavy, thick snow,which, on the ground, felt like whipped cream you had to waddle through. Very tiresome and my boots got soaked quickly. Well, everything that touched the snow did. The dogs' leash got so heavy, it barely came loose from the ground.

The birds have become very audible too. Right through the thickest of snow showers they, mostly blue and great tits, sang and called, dozens of them around or house and garden. Felt a bit surreal too.
But one of the most audible species these days are the woodpeckers. They call, they hammer and when walking the woods I realised we have no shortage of them either! The hammering, territorial calls were being answered from all around and it appears their territory is not all that big. An amazing feeling standing there in between and hearing them from every direction.

And then, not much later, I heard the singing of a bird that was quite different from the other and against the light of the sky I spotted a bird, high on the top of a large spruce singing: bigger that a tit, the size of a thrush, reddish chest, light coloured underside. It's song somehow reminded me of a canary (?) According to my books and internet it could very well have been a "hämpling" (Carduelis cannabina)
Since this species of bird is migratory, I might just have spotted the first of the summer residents having returned!

Now all we need to do is wait until the snow has melted. It'll be a wet and sloppy business, but it'll be worth it. By now I am tired of this alternating white-, grey- and wetness....
We're all tired and longing for sunlight or more daylight. Bones ache, body's heavy and stiff.

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  1. Oh wow from the looks of your pictures it seems you are in the DEPTHS of winter. Such a contrast to the way it looks here. Green everywhere and wildflowers! You'll be awash in green soon!