Friday, February 26, 2016

Food - changing habits and the results of preserving it.

These last weeks we have made another drastic change in our food habits or more precisely those of our kids. We banished bread!
No more sandwiches for breakfast or as in snack after school.
The results of just 2 weeks were quite astounding! Our son's akne has been drastically reduced and his typical teen body odour equally lessened. The upcoming zits and shit on our daughter's face has been halted and is all but gone, too.
They say they feel a lot better as well; more energetic, more balanced, less fatigued and I even suspect their night's rest has improved over all.

So what does a breakfast for us look like these days?
My wife and I were already eating turkish yoghurt in the morning with raisins, ground coconut, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, honey and cinnamon, but I had some real worries about all the plastic buckets in which that yoghurt came, not to mention all those plastic bags and other packages. Which is a real issue anyway, when you need to go out and buy food, but that's not relevant right now.
We have chicken legs for breakfast, grilled the night before. We have bacon & eggs, fried or boiled eggs with vegetables or even soup. There's cheese and plenty of fruit too or leftovers from the previous day's dinner. We're kind of trying to find out how to make this work a bit better and how to plan and arrange for more diversity too.
For us this means no more baking. No bread, no cookies.

The results of the foodpreserving endeavours gave different results. The canning worked fine, the fermentation no so.
We tried the fermented coleslaw first, but were less than enthusiastic of the taste. The taste was flat and sour. No flavour at all really. Maybe we should go easy on the bay leaves and berries and maybe slip in a few cloves of garlic for some sweetness. The fermentation itself worked out, the recipe did not.
The bean stew on the other hand was good! I only need a dash of pepper and salt, but was good to go without that too. The beans and all the other ingredients held their texture and flavour quite well and as a meal the lot was quite satisfactory. What does make me wonder though is how factory canned or baked beans end up so soft? We soaked our beans for more than 12 hours, cooked them properly (up to an hour), prepared the dish and then it all went into the kettle to be heated for more than 1,5 hour at 95C and still they were firm....

Despite this all I made a mistake last week. My oldest daughter did buy herself a bag of candy and I snatched a few. The initial taste was acceptable... sort of, the aftertaste was horrible and the effect miserable. Within an hour I felt sick to the stomach and a migraine-like symptoms started to make themselves felt. I felt not well for the rest of the afternoon and early evening and only after dinner did the effects wear of and were gone by later that evening. I felt like I had poisoned myself. Karma as my son called it.....


  1. Well thanks for posting such an outstanding idea. I like this blog & I like the topic and thinking of making it right.

  2. Brave New Eating World so congratulations! I heard that Margaret Mead the anthropologist said that it is easier to get people to change their religion than their eating habits so Good Job! When you feel so much better to makes it really easy. It's just taking the brave first step.

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