Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dirty fingernails again!!

The season of gardening and growing has begun!
Today I sowed the first batch; 3 species of paprika; Zlata, Marconi Rosso & California wonder and 1 chilipepper Jalapeno. 28 pots in trays in all. That is all our only useable windowsill can hold, spacewise. 
It was good to have the fingers in the dirt again, even if it only was from a bag. The sun had thawed out the outer edges, but the core was still frozen. I took the soil that was loose, put it in the pots and let those stand in the sun for a while, so that the soil could warm up.
The pots and trays used are from the large haul I took home from my churchyard job last summer. Those pots had already been reused by the previous owner, judging by the labels on the pots and some are cracked at the bottom. But they still are quite serviceable.
In the sun the temperature reached 20C on our south facing balcony and I even saw some flies buzzing about!


  1. Did those beans ever arrive? I sent them. They came back. I sent them again with assurances from Post Office they attached the right document. I'm glad they are not perishable.

    1. No, did not receive them yet.... But they will turn up in a few weeks. It does take a while.