Monday, February 15, 2016

A beautiful day in februari

Today was a gorgeous day. Exactly like a february-day should be like, to me; cold and crispy with a crystal clear blue sky, crunching snow under my feet and not the least bit of wind.
After the thaw winter came back with a (cold)snap. It threw some more snow on us (making going a snow covered, iced over and sleek surface very...... exciting at times) and temperatures plummeted to -18C this morning. During the day and in the sun temperatures reached +15C only yesterday!!

The color of the sunlight is changing, going from a bleak white to a darker and much more warming yellow. The days have lengthened very noticeably already too! At least 1 hour in both the morning and the afternoon. The kids do not need flashlights anymore, when going to and coming home from the schoolbus.

The dogs are doing quite fine. They have accepted each other.
However there are some issues with Lester and the cats. Our big, red one has things sorted out.... sort of. Lester will not get to pushy with him no more. He made sure of that and if Lester is in doubt, he just needs to look at his nose. No, the main issue is with our black cat. Although he too has quite the stare, he lacks the physical appearance and prowess to stand up to Lester, when he gets pushy again. Like last night, when Eddie, our black cat, wanted some affection and got onto my lap. Lester came close, nice and easy, and when he reached Eddie he shoved his nose under the cat and even nipped his paw! For Eddie there seemed only one way out; panic and flee... which he did.... using my chest as a launching pad. Didn't work out too well.
For me that is....

During that period of thaw the birds became quite vocal; calling and singing, claiming their territories, chasing each other through the trees, at least as far as the blue and great tits are concerned. There was a green woodpecker right next to the house, calling and hammering away and other species of woodpeckers are making their presence heard as well.

Ahhh the promises of spring..... But it'll be a while still, before we can really enjoy that! But temperatures are on the rise again and thaw is expected to return next weekend. More slippery, slushy misery....

And speaking of misery, I have to admit that I am quite worried about our near future. Looking at what has been and is going on these days (conflicts, refugees, civil unrest and finances/banking) and in what pace things are developing I can not help but wonder when things will go wrong.... horribly wrong. Tension within society just has been building and building. Something has to give.... All it needs is the right trigger.
Maybe it has something to do with the upcoming changing of the season, but I have had this feeling for a while now and it is only getting stronger. So no.... I think I can rule out winter depression.

Maybe it is just a severe case of I.C.I............. Insufficient Chocolate Intake...

I really like this view...
from the livingroom window

Or this one....
from the kitchen


  1. Gorgeous as always. And I share your concern. I am glad we live way out where no bombs will come. When we move we will be closer to population. We had to make the choice but I think we made the best compromise we could. I just wish the unhappy people in the Middle East and the concerned sovereign states involving themselves can start thinking out of the box pretty soon. The coming election in the US has me concerned because the Republicans are all coming out as big tough guys and I don't know if they're rational tough guys. I'm also not sure if Hillary or Bernie are the wise choice to be the "deciders". We talk about this all the time.

    1. Elections will basically not change a thing, because the thing behind it all remains.
      Our area is being flooded by refugees. Shelters pop out of the ground like mushrooms and we all know, or ought to, that that, combined with narrow mindedness on both sides and a bad economy is a recipe for disaster.

    2. They might change a thing. They might make things worse. What is your experience of the refugees? I thought you were working with the boys. Why don't you write more about that? If that job came to an end at least I'd like to know what was it like while you were there? We have heard that refugees are not respectful and easy to anger. That they cling to traditions and make it very hard for doctors to do their jobs in helping them. But I don't know how reliable a source this information is. What is your experience?

    3. I am still working there, but as a substitute. I haven't been working for a month since they didn't need anyone. That's why there was no news on that part. I really missed my job and the boys told me they missed me too. I worked last wednesday! :)
      One of the issues with these refugees is that they are from many different countries. And with that comes a lot of cultural differences!! There are groups/nationalities that do not adept. Don't even try to or even try to convince us that ours is not right. And then there are those that really, really work hard to adapt, learn the language and are respectful and grateful towards us. Problem is that they suffer a lot, because of the bad ones, because to many indigenous folks they are all the same.
      And yes, there's a good deal of trouble with bad elements, most of which I suspect are no real refugees, but rotten apples, fleeing from other European countries or maybe even sent here on a mission.
      In any case the boys I work with, no matter what nationality, behave much, much better than a similar group of western/swedish boys would. No doubt about that!

    4. Based on your experience how many "bad" ones to "good" ones would there be? BTW your beans are in the mail. Imagine them going on a yak cart to a train to a truck to a boat. I chose the least expensive way. They'll still be good whenever you receive them in the next Ice Age.

    5. How many good vs. bad??
      There is no way I would even begin to think answering that. Because whatever the answer would be, it would be wrong.
      Like I said every culture, nationality or even age group is different, has its own values and dynamics.
      I have lived among them as a regular citizen, worked with them as an officer and like now in my new job. You'll find bad apples anywhere and they will spoil the rest of the basket if you do not take action against them. And that is where we westerners go hopelessly wrong. We treat them wrong. As wrong as can be. How can you expect a, say, young Somali man, who has grown up in a village without any contact or knowledge of western civilisation (if there even is such as thing) to come here and act, think and live according to our ways from day one, when all his life he has been taught otherwise???
      How can you expect that those bad apples will comply with our system and have respect for us, when their bad actions have no consequences for them what's however??? All they need to do, is yell the discrimination-word and every white boy holding an official position in the area will roll over and play dead, begging for excuse. And as icing on the cake there is this large group of politically correct imbeciles that just cover up any and everything that goes wrong with non-natives or even take more extreme steps, just to prevent a single one of them getting in a situation, where they possibly might be offended.

      I am looking forward to planting those beans. It'll be far less complex and headache giving, even though they to are foreigners. But all I need to do, is look after their basics needs and provide those on a local level. They should adept just fine.....

    6. OH I didn't think you were going to plant them! I thought you were going to eat them! But, hey, sure why not? Eat some. Plant some. See how they do both ways!

      It's a complicated thing. I see exactly what you mean. If I was fleeing my own country because of danger and I was going to a country with different way of life first I would be frightened and want to stick with what I know. But I would also know that because I was in a host country just like if I was going to a home where I was a guest I would want to know what the host expected of me. I would hope there would be respect on both sides. And forgiveness. Oops you said or did something that bothers or even offends me but let's forgive we're just getting used to each other and we'll sort it out. However there's fear on both sides. So people forget. And then on top of it the fleeing people come from countries where there is terrible violence. Are you one that will commit an atrocity here? Distrust overcoming kindness.

      What Americans lack is vigilance. We have lived for so long in isolation that we go about out business without paying attention. On top of it we're trained to be "politically correct". We do not shout out "the emperor has no clothes!" This is changing. We are losing this baby-ish innocence. Which is good but it's bad. Maybe it's more good than bad because awareness is always good. Awareness of how actions cause an effect. There are so many levels on which Americans are dull. Having this change will be a good thing.

      I don't know why but this has always been an issue with me. Maybe it started when my dad took me out into the freshly plowed fields after a rain to look for arrowheads. He said "see anything that looks out of place."

    7. I'll plant some and eat the rest. :)

      Swedes in general have the reputation of being scared of conflict and of being docile, but that is changing fast, too. They are being pushed too far and now many are swinging from one extreme to the other or so it seems.
      Of course the media is blowing everything related to non-swedes way out of proportion too, but what they are blaring into the world is eagerly being accepted as truth by the masses.
      Do we is Sweden and Europe in general have an issue with immigrants and refugees? Yes, I certainly think we do. A lot of those coming misbehave badly, abuse the system to the max and sexual assaults also seem quite common these days. Are there for all newcomers bad? of course not!
      But in my experience many Swedes also lack acceptance for anything foreign and the further away from the cities you travel the worse it gets. The province we live in is said to be the most conservative of all and that is saying something.
      Add to that that Sweden's bureaucratic systems are probably some of the worst you can find in Europe, that the police is hopelessly understaffed and overworked, that no one higher up in the hierarchy of whatever department seems to know what is going on, what they do themselves or even seem to care and that more and more cases of shameless corruption are being exposed and you'll understand that a highly volatile concoction is being brewed up.....
      Even something little as foreign kids getting a subsidised summer job or something similar is being blown wayyy out of proportion, with many screaming their heads off that Swedish kids should come first (thereby conveniently neglecting that a good deal of Swedish kids don't even want to work).
      Much hatred is seeing the light of day these days....

  2. It's fear, isn't it? All the misbehaving ones on either side are just scared out of their wits. That's a really good phrase "scared out of their wits" because it shows how people lose common sense when confronted with new. I think we aren't far enough away from the caves. When a new tribe appears does it mean they are going to kill us, enslave our women and children and take our land? Are they going to give us disease? They forget that we need new blood and DNA to thrive. It's love/hate but nowadays hate takes over. I feel compassion for the people who have lost their wits. I understand them but enough is enough! I want to slap them and yell snap out of it!