Monday, January 25, 2016

wondering about the birds and the bees....

There seems to be a lot less birds in the garden this year
Not as many domherre, talgoxe and blåmes. Grönfink seems to be lesser in numbers too. Only a few gulsparv.
Much more gråsiska, saw a flock of stjärtmes, but no sidensvans anymore.
Hackspett pair is here, as is a pair of nötvecka.
All in all far less birds this winter.....
Something else that was missing, were tracks. I saw very little tracks of deer, compared to other years, but the most notable absence was the absence of moosetracks. I saw 1 (!) set of tracks so far and that was in the area I dubbed moose-alley a few years ago.

And I wonder how the bees are coping with the cold. It has been a relatively dry cold, but a fierce one too. I just hope I will be having my bees this year.

On the other hand, something that was very notable in its presence was the moon this time. A full moon again and our pets went nuts! Very keyed up and very restless. Much more so than normally during a full moon.
But Luna also showed herself in other ways. The day before full moon we were walking Rex late at night and the moon was up there, pouring its silver light over a white and frozen landscape; everything eerily still, as if frozen in time and so brightly lit it was almost daylight! A Swedish, full moon winter landscape in its truest sense.
Yet the day after full moon she showed herself in a totally different guise. This time she was butter yellow as she was rising over the treetops. There were large, sharply edged banks of fog floating over the land and lakes and the moon again casts sharp shadows.... but there was no light! The real cold had gone too.
I unwillingly thought of the sun rising in a black sky, which sucked up all the light radiating from the sun. Very unnerving, really.

Today I saw one of our hunting neighbours circling the fox-den site with his dog. I guess the fox' days are numbered. I feel sad about that really, despite the fact that that might prevent an issue arising with the henhouse.

We'll be having a very mild week this week. Thaw, predicted temperatures up to +4-5C for several days in a row and rain. That'll be fun on a frozen underground... not. But is is also nice to have a warm spell. Helps you relax a little and it will mean that the hole that the coldsnap has blown into our woodpile will not become that much larger.

And my cold lingers on, drains me of my energy, ruining my shape. I am always surprised how something like a normal cold can incapacitate or limit one.

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  1. We saw the same moon the other night. When I see a moon like that I think "is there some guy over in Mongolia or lion in Africa looking at this moon right now same as me?" and I feel united with the planet. I think the night sky serves to put us on our place and tell us we are Earth. Not humans separate from Earth. We are Earth itself as one sphere hanging in deep dark space.

    Please feel better soon.