Thursday, January 21, 2016

Smells like....

As I am writing this I am fighting a annoyingly decent cold. So much fun what the kids, or in this case their substituting mom, bring home from school!
Well, it had to happen sooner or later. And it gives me time, though not energy, to read. Which is a good thing, because this week there was a package from the US of A in the mail. It was a book Kristina, or Bee as I like to call her, from the Beehappeenow-blog, that she had sent me. The reason for this is that, while reading Ben Hewitt's then we'd have pie post I commented on a post that had a quote of Stephen Jenkinson in it and I remarked that the book it came from, Die wise, sounded interesting.So she wanted to send that one to me. The shape of the package was a bit odd though.... Turns out there was another book in there too: Don Miguel Ruiz' The voice of knowledge! But the icing on the cake was the very sweet, handwritten card she had included. Once more it goes to show that you can make and have friends through the internet. As if I needed proof of that.... I sure do hope I can add her to the list of internet-friends I got to see in real life, too!

On a more mundane, daily note; I saw a pair of whooper swans, locally know as sångsvan or Cygnus cygnus fly over yesterday. I could hear their honking long before I could see them. Their white blended in well with the whites and greys of the snow and sky. I stood there, watching them as they passed over at low altitude, wondering what the heck they were doing here, because there is no open water to be found, when all of a sudden sky and earth changed places and I crashed into the frozen ground. I was walking Rex, he had seen or caught scent of something, so he went off and the line had caught my left foot. The rest must've looked like in a cartoon movie, I guess.

And the subject of scent brings me to another little episode; last year's neighbours are back. Meaning the foxden on the other side of the street is occupied again. Last spring we did see 3 fox cubs playing there in the sun and we thought it was great to have them living there. Now things are slightly different, since they will be no more than 25 meters away from the chickencoop, when that materialises. And that is too close for comfort for me. And for the chickens 'n rabbits too I guess. I contemplated about telling our neighbour about it, since he hunts fox, but decided not to. Instead I will visit the den's entrance daily with Rex, leaving our scent right in front of the fox' front door, hoping it will encourage him to move and go live elsewhere. So far no need for putting a chunk of hot metal through his chest.

Standing on the mound, looking down..... and when I turn around 180 degrees.....
across the road, up the hill.

The scent of cookies is filling the house right now. Esther's baking Heffalump-cookies for her birthday, today. Yep, heffalump, as in Winnie the Pooh's Heffalump movie (big Pooh-fan here! And that sounds.... off, somehow). In the extras there is a recipe included and Esla, our youngest one, wanted to give those a try.... And they are soooo.. good!
The only problem is that they do no good to me. If I eat too many, and it really does not take that much, honestly, I feel not well and I get physical...... issues. I did notice that (was hard not to!) after the december month with all the festiveness and extra "good" food. Ever since I quite sugar ad avoid grains, my body reacts in ever severe ways, when I relapse. A month with cookies and goodies, pastries and chocolate left my health in a wanting state. Goes to show what crap I have been stuffing down my piehole all my life. But the festive season is over, so back to a normal feeding-routine. A fat incoming paycheck will help keeping cheap junkfood at bay, too.

Have a good day, y'all and you really should pay attention to what you eat. It'll make you feel so much better!!


  1. Thanks, Ron. Congratulations to Esther, January birthdays rock! :) Stay healthy and enjoy reading. That title Die Wise always strikes me as the German for "The Wise" :)
    I'd love to see the baby foxes. I recently read, that 2016 in Canadian calendar is a year of a fox. We had a fox live and raise her young right under neighbors porch in the middle of suburbs, good thing we do not have chickens. I always struggle with that dilemma how to make the fox and the chickens happy.

    1. Reading Die wise as we speak. Just the opening passage on stars made an impact and the rest of what I've read so far is..... amazing, eye opening...
      I do like foxes too. A lot. Just not that nearby, even though I know that it wouldn't make much difference if they lived 200-300 meters away from here. They'd trot over here in less than 5 minutes for a midnight snack of chicken. I am also considering other solutions without using the ultimate one.

  2. Synchronicity! But firstly I hope by the time this note reaches you that you are feeling much better. We have no contact with children and we stay healthy (for the most part). When Marty got sick in December I avoided it by taking Zicam at the first sign of HIS cold. Hey, Maybe they should change their instructions to "at the first sign of your partners cold!"

    I subscribed to The Sun because I was feeling alone and without thought provoking reading (Andrea and Ben gone from of my short list of internet reading) and in one issue the very thought provoking Jenkinson (who does lives very far from me). Would like to discover him at a coffee bar and have table conversation.

    Then there's the redoubtable Ruiz whose book The Four Agreements has a permanent place on my side table. I read it everyday to remind me: not take things personally, be impeccable with my word, don't make assumptions and always do my best.

    THEN there's my recent fox drawing. ( I agree with you on the wild ones. We made our chicken run predator proof. We had to put the guineas in it when one by one a bobcat or coyote was coming in over night for a guinea dinner. Since then not one has been lost. You and the fox can peacefully coexist.

    Lastly I have the exact same experience with ornery food. For the most part I am enjoying clean food and avoiding dirty food. So it's good and I'm feeling great except on the rare occasions when I fall off the wagon.

    I'm going to have very interesting news for both of you this week.

    1. You're no longer reading Ben and Andfea? Because of their lack of frequent posts?
      I like your fox; colorful and furry!
      And now I am getting curious what you might be sharing, René!

    2. Oh No. I still read whenever they post but it is so infrequent. Thanks for liking the fox. I'm working on my sister's cat now. Then I want to do a lion or a tiger. I could do Rex if you want and I'll give it to you. Good news coming soon!

  3. Does NOT live very far from me. (Jenkinson) (The guineas were free range to control snakes; the chickens were already in the coop and run)

    1. Renee, stop teasing with this Good News thing and just say what it is. Did you guys get a farm? It is neat that Mr. Jenkinson lives close to you. I am reading through his book too now. Would love to meet the man.

    2. I don't want to say anything until the thing closes. We're in the underwriter torture space right now. That's all I'm going to say. Yesterday we were so mad but we had to hold it in. Is this thing going to go through I said? OK now that's really all I'm going to say. Peace Out.

    3. I could say the suspense is killing me, but that would not be true. I guess it is killing you guys. me I'm just curious...