Sunday, January 17, 2016

Patterns in the snow

First of all, you might have noticed; The blog is changing and has been changed.
I chose a temporary new name, until I come up with a better one, but this is what came up now. I also changed the layout, because that fits me better these days. It is a pattern that has been showing already and speaking of patterns, I found some in the garden lately.
One is the pattern of the garden layout I have been constructing and with the fresh snow collapsing into itself, that pattern was showing beautifully in the rising sun.

The other one is one I have mixed feelings about. This is made by a vole, It is beautiful in its randomness, but it might also spell trouble. Trouble for the plants in our garden. Luckily it is just this one pattern and not many, like we had in the beginning. Our cats and the regular cutting of the grass took care of that.

And winter just keeps on being cold and wonderful in its beauty.

As I went home from work this morning, the sun rose over the lake, next to the town of Säter...

And this is one of my absolute favorites of all time!

Some more patterns


  1. Love your new layout and name. Will you keep it? Doesn't matter. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be great! Your pictures remind me of the Northern Sierra by Lake Tahoe. Beautiful!

  2. So far I like it too, so it'll stay that way.... for now.

  3. Nice pics. Cold, fresh, and clean, as winter should be.

    Patterns in the snow are a bit like life. After all they're gone almost as quickly as they appeared. For a moment they show what has just been there, but soon they're to make room for new ones to come. I guess that's what happened with you blog title too, the old one had to move away for the new ;-)

  4. Hey Ron! I like (and understand) the blog theme shift, as I am creeping in that direction as well. Love your pictures, especially that one with the golden sun! It brings such warmth to a cold winter scene. :)

    Hope all is well there!

    1. All is well here! Good to hear from you again!