Monday, November 23, 2015

Winter's knocking at our door - new camera and bag

Well, not exactly new, but new-ish to us... me.
It is the digital camera my father in law used to use and we are using it now. I took it with me on sunday just to try it out with the "new" bag for it and out in the cold. Because it was cold; -3°C at 13:00.
Today we woke up to an even colder world; -13°C at 07:00.
The camera in question is a Sony DSLR A100 with a 18-200mm and a 100-300mm lens. The bag I "made" for it is a green British army respirator bag retrofitted with the canvas belt of one of my wife's old handbags. The previous owner of the army bag had cut off the ones that were standard. This bag fits the camera and the lenses perfectly! It is sturdy and sheds water, but had a lot of velcro sewn into it. So that all had to go, just to make the bag silent. I tried the bag on a waist belt too, but that was no success. Too heavy and kept banging with one corner into the rear of the upper leg.

So I'll show you the first test results.... I did not alter the images in any way.

I shot these through the not sparkling clean kitchen window. 
I am so glad I did not take all the rosehips!

This one I only cut down to size a bit...

Ice already forming on the lakes. On monday the lake was pretty much closed up with ice.

The star of the photoshoot!!

And my absolute favorite!!

And then some images from this morning;
Cut this one down to size again...

Not all that bad for a first go, I'd say....


  1. You've taken some beautiful shots there, that dog is gorgeous btw


  2. Beautiful beautiful pictures. Well done! Yes, Rex is quite handsome.

  3. The original straps on the respirator bags are really thin and horrible Ron, yours is much better. I use them for carrying shotgun shells in, and have had to fit a pad to mine.

    Not much wrong with those pictures! I wish I had the determination to carry our DSLR around - but I usually use my compact as the DSLR is too bulky for me :(

    1. On days like these, I just have to bring one.

  4. Finally I was able to catch up with reading through all your Finland trip series, Ron. Very neat. Glad you made friends. I am still hopefully dreaming of being some place around Baltic Sea in 2016, and maybe can join your Scandinavian woods gathering, delete the accent and I can almost pass for a Scandinavian. :)
    Great pictures!! Enjoy the camera. We have had nothing but gray cold rain recently, and I am looking forward to some really decent frost like the one in the pictures. I like the second from the bottom. Rex is gorgeous. We have our husky event here in January, looking forward to that.
    I appreciate you writing out your experiences, I learned a lot, and links you have are interesting too.