Thursday, November 19, 2015

The third and final day...

at least at Matt's cabin.

During the night I woke up a few times, hearing the wind blowing around the cabin and through the trees and hearing the rain patter down on the roof, occasionally followed by a gush as water was blown down from tree branches. Now that sounded good.....
When daylight broke I could see no more white. Everything was soaking wet and grey. Neither of us felt inclined to go out in this kind of weather and we spent the morning gear-oogling as Matt called it; checking out each others gear, looking at what the other had, used or had come up with. It is always interesting to see what someone else uses and I think it is remarkable that, despite folks like us are basically doing the same thing, the tools with which to achieve that are often so very different, based on personal preference and experience. The basis is practically always the same; a backpack, a knife or 2, axe and cookingset. I got the chance to take another look at the Swedish LK35 and LK70 backpacks. Allthough I liked the look of the latter in canvas it also became clear once more that these packs are not for me. Their frames and my back simply do not match.

I also got a good look at the Skrama Matt reviewed a while ago (look here; Skrama info). A beast of a knife and while I at first was under the impression that it was more like something for the zombie apocalypse I came to understand that that certainly was not the case. It can be a very useful tool when being out. The same goes for the leuku I could examine. Holding one for the first time again its size was impressive. For me however it is one more thing to scratch from the wishlist. Simply not my style, even if it looked and felt good. Made my Mora Classic No.1 seems very flimsy and boyscout-ish.
By that time it was lunchtime and it was time for something very different. Because of my blog I had been contacted by a company called Ambronite and they wondered if I would be willing to test their product; a new drinkable supermeal. I had contacted Matt to ask if he would be willing to participate and he was, so our lunch would be a drinkable supermeal. I'll do a full review on that shortly in a separate post. However the aftermath of that test did stay with us for the rest of the day and was subject to conversation for the rest of my stay in Finland....

We were feeling a little cooped up and we also wanted to see if the "meal" would indeed keep us "satisfied" until the next meal, so we went for a short afternoon hike. It had stopped raining for the moment and as we had noticed that the temperature had gone up a notch. The hike was uneventful in itself, but it was nice to explore the forests some more. Discovered some nice places for camps and a good place for spotting wildlife. The "fulfilling meal" did not last and we returned to the cabin, where Matt did some more small fixes. We went for an early dinner, eating the leftovers from previous days, heated in appropriate style. This also showed to great effect the purpose of a glass window in a stove; infrared radiation. If you stood in front of the stove, while heating dinner the front portion of the legs and slightly higher regions got very hot quickly. But if you moved a little sideways you could stand there and stir in to pan, even though the side was quite warm too. We could even feel the difference on the couch across the room. Right in front of the stove would be quite warm, in the middle it would be comfortable and on the far side nice and cool. Infrared heat beams into the room and warms a great deal of it. It is not just the rising heat from the stove. That's why I keep the window of our fireplace as clean as possible, because with a blackened window all that heat is lost.
After dinner we picked up where we left before lunch; gear. During our gear-oogling we noticed that some things needed more attention and work; the sharpies. Especially Matt thought he had been neglecting his knives and axes and mine could do with a good sharpening too. Besides it really is relaxing just focussing on the job and hearing the metal gently scraping back and forth...
2 guys, sharpening a good number of knives, axes and a hatchet in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Nothing sounds wrong, right?
Matt jokingly said that that was exactly the kind of thing we as kids were being warned for back in the days....

After the sharpeningsession we enjoyed a beer and kind of fell silent. We had done a good deal of talking in the past days.... I picked up Proenneke's book again and decided that that one will stay in the cabin, when I leave....
We cleaned up as much as possible, before turning in early for the night. The day after we would be heading toward Helsinki to meet up with Kai again.


  1. Your writing style and pictures capture the experience in a way I am not able to, Ron. I appreciate that you took the time to recount our visit!


    1. You're welcome!
      That is a big part of doing this. One gets to relive it all anytime you want to!

    2. I have to agree with WW on this one. You sure do have som writing talent Ron.

  2. Really enjoying this series Ron - a more experiential style of writing - feels relaxing to read. The drinkable meal sounds awful though!

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    1. Deleted it as it simply was a double post.

  4. Love that cabin! It looks warm and cosy.

  5. Drinkable meal - beer! :D
    Looks like you really enjoyed there and get all from cabin life.