Saturday, October 17, 2015

How much fun is that??

Well, there I am; sitting at home.... sick.....
The day after we finished the harvest I developed a pretty fierce cold, which turned into an inflammation of the sinuses.
Guess I needed a break, huh....

Books, hot tea and ehhhmm.... cough syrup. Yeah, cough syrup.
That did give me time to do something I enjoy doing; digging through books!
I really love the online reservation possibility our local libraries provide. A matter of putting out a reservation on the books you want and collect them once they are set aside for you. So I have a couple of stacks of books at home right now. Some on gardening and older vegetable species, some on dogs and sledding and some to just read. Lars Wilderäng's Stjärnfall and Stjärnklart. Interesting only for Swedish readers, since it is a Swedish author, written in Swedish and the stories are situated in Sweden.
For those interested, here's a Swedish review of the book Stjärnfall on the Y'know, the ones that did the olja för blåbär book that I reviewed here.
It describes what might happen in Swedish society, when for example electricity and/or electronic gadgets, like computers and such, stop working. Not a pretty picture, but the books are quite thrilling, if somewhat clinic in places. But that might also be, because of the language barrier.

Since the dog still needs to go out, so do I and some rounds of fresh air do work wonders, even if I'd rather coop up and huddle under a blanket. On the other hand we did get him his own backpack, so we have begun training with that one. Only with a voluminous, yet light load, so that he gets used to it, before we start loading it.
I must say I was kind of surprised to see him getting accustomed to it so fast! It was strange at first, but very soon afterward he just walked around as if he had done so for ever. It only still is a bit odd, when he decides to make his way through the undergrowth.

Other than that there isn't much to tell... Only a bunch of autumn scenes....

Oh yeah....
In the meantime I redid my mancave.... again. New paint, new floor....
Is it a bad thing to admit that I actually have a "wardrobe" for my framed backpacks?? I have 7 now, after selling my M39, but getting an old Bergen.... for free. I have become a collector... a hoarder! Ahhh, the shame!! Can't help, just like'm.... a lot... But the herd will get culled. 2 have already new destinations, 1 is my daughter's and 2 are those ancient, derelicted ones I still have not fixed.... or have any idea on how to. Just can't get myself to throw them in the dumpster,
But I already am liking the fit of that Bergen much better than the Haglöfs'.

See.... my own backpackwardrobe.... with a well lit workingarea to the left and a bookcase to the front right, which you can't see as it is behind a wall.

The Bergen; it is old, a mustard coloured, course canvas with leather straps. A webbingbelt instead of a leather one on the lower back. Three large pockets on the outside, a pocket on the inside and..... a small pocket on the left side! A small flap gives access to a horizontal pocket across the back. Never seen anything like it!
Plus a couple of eyelets which can hold leather straps, for a sleepingmat for instance.


Man, I need to get out more......

Speaking of which..... if that illness wasn't holding me back, moose huntingseason is. The hunting parties are right around here in the forests and they do not take well to any disturbances. Usually I would not care too much about that, but given the fact that I'd like to join 'm next year, I do not want to create a lot of fuzz or step on long, sensitive toes.
And if the bullets aren't flying thick (we heard the rifle shots) deerkeds are. Man, they are out in force this year!! When we were in the woods with Rex, he discovered a night lair and we got covered in keds in no time flat. Happens everytime we go out in the woods. Disgusting and unpleasant critters.


  1. How about hunting those row deer? Tell us about deerkeds, they looked like flying ticks on google images, shudder.

    Do you fish? I am thinking of selling fish - we sell our excess eggs and I catch so much fish I am thinking of asking our customers if they want local fish too.

    Ron, I am also very interested in Military, it is a family tradition, being in military, but I did not join, which I regret. Right now I am reading 'Black Hawk Down', an amazing story. My brother (deceased) was a Ranger Major and he gave the book to me years ago, and I found it again and am re-reading it.

    1. Those bastards pretty much are. They fly at you, land, shed their wings and bite. They live on their hosts from then on, but not on humans, although their bite can be unpleasant. It is more the eew-factor more than anything else.
      I do not fish. Don't like it. But if you catch that much, maybe spend time on something else?? Something like gardening? Keeping fish fresh for sale sounds challenging.
      Why regret not joining the military? You only end up taking care of someone else's dirty politics, causing harm to others and get harmed yourself. I do not think it is an honorable profession any longer. And that has nothing to do with the bond between the men, and women these days.

  2. Man I envy the order in your mancave! My outdoor stuff, tools, etc are scattered all over the house....

    Deer keds are one thing I surely don't miss from south Finland. It's like a heaven here in north in the autumn, no single deer ked!

    Looks like a pile of interesting read. Get well!

    1. yeah well... it's all new and fresh, still....

    2. Not too late to get 'em dirty....

    3. oh, the packs are dirty. It is just the room the is clean and fresh.... still.

  3. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm envious of your organized man cave. My space is...let's just say challenging. Our moose hunting season in this zone is over and deer doesn't open til October 31. Til then I'm concentrating on grouse. I'd like to limit out just once but for now, I'll be happy with one or two.

    1. Moosehuntingseason here was over in one week, my cold still lingers on....
      And my space has a tendency to become challenging quite fast too.

  4. Love your back pack collection! we just got back from a week's vacation to the southern oregon coast. It was heaven. Loved walking around in the rain. I'm going to post some pictures. Hope you get better real fast!

  5. Hope you get well soon Ron - have something similar here. Try dehydrating 200 chillies - it opened my sinuses (and tear ducts!)

    1. Chillieseeds are here, ready for next season! And now we have the means to grow them too.
      We'll see how my facial cavities handle that next year.

  6. Excellent. If you fancy any of the seeds we save, just let me know and I'll send some over :)