Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Changing times....

These days certainly are days of change....
Last week my job at the churchyard came to an end. The end of the season.... And for the last 2 weeks I watched migratory birds gather in ever larger groups. Swallows are as good as gone as are many other, smaller birds. And the last 2 weeks the air was filled with the calls of cranes and geese, the highlight being the last thursday at the churchyard. Flight after flight (I counted 7 separate flights) of geese passed overhead, reminding me of the flights of bombers I used to see while watching ww2-documentaries. How appropriate for these days..... An omen of things to come??

And last monday I started helping out with the potato harvest again. The difference in jobs could not have been more, apart from the fact that they are both outside.
The weather changed quite abruptly once more, too. First the wind changed last week and started blowing from a northwestern direction, sweeping in chilly air. These days we have grey skies with more rain, but this time the water feels cold...

The goal is to be done with the harvest before moosehuntingseason is upon us, which will start october 12th. It'll be a hectic time and this year's harvest is teaching me 2 new lessons regarding farmership; that it isn't always sunshine and that one has to act according to the weather. This year most likely no happy, sunny 7-17 workdays, but cold, windy working hours whenever the weather permits it, including evenings and weekends.
That will leave me with a few weeks after the harvest to get our garden ready before winter sets in. I have a strange feeling that it'll be a hard one this year.....

I have also begun with the hunters course. That will not be easy. The speed is quite high, the subject not really familiar and the language not my own. We will blast through a 375 page book in 13 evenings, which include a visit to a butcher and a gunstore. If I manage that I am sure I will manage any other education/course in Swedish. So this course is not only to become a licensed hunter, but also a test of language skills.

Another change that will be happening soon is the farewell of a family member. We have decided to look for a better home for Rex. It turns out that we are simply not the best home for him. He needs a pack to thrive in, an "owner" that has the time, the energy and the knowledge to take care of him and above all he needs something to do; a job. Rex is a sleddog and he really needs to be able to be one too. Something we simply can not give him. And as a result he is jumpy, overactive, frustrated and bored. With the matching damages to items and flesh. Ours mainly.
It'll be a very painful episode, but we do believe it is for his best.... All we do now is holding him back...

We have been thinking about a lot of changes which would have a tremendous impact on all our lives. One of the main issues was do we stay or do we relocate?
As it turns out our lives here are not really getting anywhere. We can not get a decent job to pay for our existence and we have no options regarding taking care of ourselves either. Also the possibilities to start some sort of company growing food or plants have been cut short, due to a lack of cooperation from the people in question. In other words no job and no land.... At least not in the place we call home.

Is it all doom and gloom then??
Well.... no.... Despite, or maybe because of, the issues we (and I) have been facing lately my wife (and daughters for that matter) made it perfectly clear that it is about time I stopped neglecting myself, putting off fun things to do, because of financial reasons and that I really needed to go out and have some R&R on my own.... So I will be visiting the weekend woodsman in november and that is settled by now. No more excuses accepted.
A few days without family out in the Finnish woods.....


  1. well am sorry hear things is ups and down i hope ya find what ya looking for

  2. Today is the fall equinox. The days now begin to be shorter than the nights. Here the change comes slowly. The days are still very hot and there's no rain. The nights are cooler though and the day's don't heat up as fast. Change is happening in our life over here on this side of the pond. It's very scary but very exciting at the same time.

    Sorry about Rex. You are doing the right thing. I had to re-home a horse I had and it was hard but it was right and now he's happy.

    Glad you are going to Finland! I bet you can't wait. Good decision!

    We aren't making a living out here either. There are no people, no jobs, just beauty and tough environment. No way to make a successful homestead. This job got us out of the city but it's not going anywhere so there are going to be changes here ,too.

    Keep on keeping on.

  3. Love that tractor! Love the geese!