Tuesday, August 25, 2015

All work, no play....

Well, I was supposed to be out in the woods during last weekend, but due to circumstances, both within and out of my control, I decided to not attend the planned gathering and spend our scarce financial resources on something with a higher priority and my time in the garden.
Looked like the folks visiting the Idre-region had a good time and I did make some progress with my project too, despite being baked in the sun. Which is kind of relative, given the 25C, but out in the sun.... It was a good deal more.
So instead of being a trying woodsman again, I'll be spending a long overdue, hopefully qualitytime weekend with the mrs. in Tallinn, Estonia soon. It might prove to be of vital importance.

On a less positive note; we were subject to an incident that brought to light the less than favourable interhuman emotions
For a while now we have been having this under-the-skin feeling that we actually are not really welcome or liked around these parts where we live and said incident did nothing to ease that feeling. On the contrary. It made it painfully clear that normal relationships in the place we live will never happen. We are and always will be regarded as intruders. The feeling of isolation and total lack of sense of community became highlighted once more. It sure did take off some more of the gloss of the idylle we hoped to find here.
The jobhunting isn't going anywhere for either one of us and the possibilities to take care of ourselves are very limited as previously mentioned in this blog. We keep on running head long into these walls with no sight of improvement.
All in all reason enough to start expanding our horizons again (northwards) and look for more favourable options elsewhere.

So tensions are quite high these days with many things happening all at once and many thoughts crossing our minds.

But I did come across a cross spider (Araneus diadematus), which is not all that common around here and it was a big one too! What a beauty!

And Rex has become a very fine dog indeed. Growing stronger and more beefy and his attitude is so much more gentle now. He even is overcoming his initial not fear, but apprehension towards water.
There's something there......


  1. Tallinn, Estonia? You lucky dog! :) What are you guys doing there? Planning to move there? I like Tallinn, been there a couple of times. Sorry to hear about your experiences with the locals, Ron. Some would say that it is good that some still feel such a deep attachment to the place and culture, but it is sad that we can be so viciously territorial, looking at labels instead of a person's heart.
    Our house is for sale now, so pray for me also, that I get out of this suburban jungle soon, long past due.
    Good luck on your trip!!
    P.s. That first picture there to me looks just like Lithuania. Drop me a note, if you need to spend a night in Lithuania for stop over, I am pretty sure my parents can host good folks.

    1. Hej Bee,
      It is just a weekend without the kids. My wife got iffered this trip, but I need to pay for my expenses. 2 nights on a boat and 1 day in the city, but we urgently need to spend some time alone.
      It has nothing to do with a deep attachment to place and culture, bit with a deep resentment for anything new or different.
      Good luck with the sale!!
      And that first image is the folkmuseum (hembygdsgård) we work as volunteers. I love this land(scape) and I really would not want to keave, but as it is.........