Sunday, June 21, 2015


...and the idiots of summer seem to have returned, fleeing their cities, swarming across the countryside, bringing their noise, haste and total lack of consideration with them... But the days are shortening again and soon we'll be enjoying the calmness of autumn and the silence of winter again...

... but it snows in june...

Well, not actual snow. Not here at least, but the fluffy seeds of the aspentree.
One day when I came home, I saw that the vegetablebeds were white and when I left the car the whole garden was covered in a light fluff.

I made up my mind and applied on friday, the day of the midsummer celebrations, for the hunters course. I did that on a whim actually, suddenly having the feeling to just do it. Hopefully it will leave me with much more knowledge and understanding of the world of a hunter, if nothing else. And it will get me out of the house and among people for at least one night per week until christmas.
Strangely enough that same night I had a chance encounter with one of the villagers, a man who lives on the other side of one of the lakes and who we know by face and name, but not much more than that. We greet each other when we meet, but that was basically it.
I met him as I was going for the late night walk with Rex and he came "cycling" down our road, heading for our big city weekend neighbours, who were throwing a very audible midsummerparty. He already was considerably socially lubricated (posh description for drunk) and he stopped to check out Rex. He has 3 dogs himself and loves dogs, clearly. We talked dogs for a while and out of the blue he invited me to come over for some coffee one day and to join him on a huntingtrip. He is also a member of the other hunters association around here (the other one being the club for landowners, which I went along with last year) and I mentioned having applied for the course in september. He then said I'd be welcome whenever I wanted to join him or the association. We'll see how much of this he will remember when he is sober.....

The next day, when out with Rex again for the early morningwalk, I discovered a roedeer lying down in the field next to our house. It was lying there in plain sight, didn't move, but I could see it breath and an ear moved. Strangely enough it was not alarmed by our presence and I thought it was lying there in an awkward position. Then our neighbour came down the path with his dogs and I alerted him to the presence of the deer. He turned around, since our dogs do not go well together and I completed the morningwalk, still finding the deer in exactly the same position as before. Not long after we got home I heard a gunshot. Our neighbour had put the deer out of its misery.....

Looking at the image I noticed that the area in front of it had been trampled. Maybe the night lair of the group and this one got left behind. I did see one trail moving away from the place. The grass was bent away from it. This roedeer had a swollen belly. Maybe a birth gone wrong?

The geeselings seem to be thriving though.
As I understood from some beekeepers, getting my own bees this year might prove not that easy. The season has not been favorable for bees so far; rainy, windy and cool. That means little food and bad flying conditions. I guess many populations will have a hard time preparing for next winter, let alone expand in size. Looking at the buzzing buddies in our garden I see a decent number of smaller bumblebees, very few big bumblebees and some big ass wasps! Even the mosquitos and ticks seem to be having a hard time.

And speaking of idiots....
We had one (1!) day of good weather, being last sunday and what does this idiot do? Right.... working in the garden... NOT! I went shopping at IKEA.... I admit we did need a new mattress thanks to Rex and I admit that the weather forecast was nowhere near as accurate as it should be and I do admit that I did need a rest..... and the lunchbreak at IKEA did some productivity; a very rough sketch of our semi-greenhouse to be! And a similar sketch for a kitchen sofa with a lot of storage capacity. Plus a lot of ideas for the rest of the house. A lot of "upgrades" are needed, like insulating the hall floor in the cellar and in my mancave. Plus we will (hopefully) be sleeping on a decent bed and a good nights sleep is worth a lot too.
As you can read nothing much is going on. Having a very busy full time day job makes pretty sure that it doesn't. Everything had to be done before friday afternoon and that meant a lot of grass cutting, weeding and above all hedge trimming. And there are a lot of hedges! Pushed my lazy muscles so hard that by lunchtime I had a hard time holding on to my cup of coffee, let alone lifting the gas powered trimmer. I've been feeling that all weekend, hence the aforementioned rest.
In the meantime we had Rex neutered and as a proper family member who fits in..... that meant complications. The procedure went smoothly, except from him escaping his pen before surgery and happily bouncing around the vet's place. The aftermath was less smooth. Since he can not take it slow fluid started collecting in his scrotum and that one grew larger than a tennisbal. So 2 weeks of almost nailing him to the floor and antibiotics. We weren't even allowed to walk him for longer than it took for him to "do his thing".
Now he's fine again, but all that bundled up energy is being let loose now plus he has changed too. He has become aggressive towards other dogs now; snarling and barking, ready to charge and when we correct him, in the heat of the moment he does have the tendency to turn on us too! So we decided it was time to bring in some guidance and assistance from folks who know. We contacted the local branch of the Svensk Brukshundsklubben or the Swedish workingdogs association. They have dealt with dogs like this before and we really need to get him socialised with other dogs. People are no problem.
Slowly we are increasing the length of our walks with him again and everytime I walk along the lake, feeling the wind, hearing the water sloshing against the shore I so wish my canoe was useable! I'd want nothing more than to take it out for an evening of slowly paddling along the shores...

And if all this wasn't enough, there was a happening that made the emotional strain just a tad bigger.
Our oldest daughter's class had to say farewell to each other and their beloved teacher. She was really worked up about it and the days preceding the final day were very tense.
On the final day of the schoolyear all classes, the parents and relatives gather in the church. One by one the classes sing and the 6th graders are last. And as my girl stood there singing, her choirexperience clearly showing I was shocked by how much she looks like her mum and I finally realised we only have one little one left at the local school. She'll be attending 3rd grade next year.
I had to swallow hard a couple of times, let me tell you.

Shopping at one of the grocery stores together with the mrs. the other day did the rest. They had a stand there with reading glasses and jokingly I took one and put it on my nose, trying to look professor-ish. According to my wife I looked like a certain gnome from our youth: Paulus de boskabouter (Paul the woodgnome). I laughed at her and grabbed a nearby product to read the ingredients list.... and got a nasty surprise! The glasses followed me home.....

Ohh and in my acquisition-post I forgot to mention that we were able to fulfill one of my wife's wishes. We got ourselves a decent camera; a Sony X100 and I am learning how to use that one...


  1. I'm up way too late so I'm only going to say this and then hit the hay: Gorgeous parting shot of the clouds! More later!

  2. Good luck on the hunters exam.
    The very cold weather has caused problems here to. Most of this years capercaillie eggs frose, there are hardly any insects, so many small birds has not laid eggs because there are no food for the chickens.
    There are still snow in the mountains, there has nort been this much snow in the mountains this time of year for many many years.
    Regarding the roe deer, swollen belly could also be a sympthome of domesticated yew poisoning. They eat the domesticated garden variety, but not the wild one. There have been several incidents here were roe deers have been found either dead or dying with swollen stomachs full of garden yew.

  3. I've never experienced Swedish midsommar, but sounds similar what we have here in Finland. People gathering and partying at summerhouses etc. And thinking everyone nearby enjoys to share the same noisy drinking club. Luckily it's over pretty soon :-D

    And yeah, good luck for the hunters exam too. And good luck for getting accepted in a club. If I've understood right, it's quite a must to be a member to be able to hunt there. Same as in southern Finland too.