Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Improvise, adapt, overcome...

As an afterburner to my last post, there are some things that have changed recently, dramatically and unexpectedly or that have been crossing my mind.
In the light of recent developments, like my wife having 2 jobs substituting for instance or the improbability of us acquiring land, I really need(ed) to think things over, adjust ideas and views and generally alter the way I see our immediate future here.
The plans and ideas I/we had for creating an ecological farm/business for now remain what they are; dreams. For in order to realise those and make it work, we have to be a cohesive team of 2 fully dedicated people (5 actually) and right now I am not so sure that we really are.
Another issue was the issue of land. A co-worker explained to me that that is a very sensitive issue around here. The chances of someone letting you use their land are very slim, the chances of renting it are even smaller and the chances of buying it.... You might as well try your luck in the lottery. Unless you are very close to the owner (or there is something they want from you). That might enhance your chances considerably. And we are not and have not. We still are, and probably always will be, outsiders. This piece of information perfectly explains all the encounters we've had when dealing with the subject plus a few we were witnesses to. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but in general... Fat chance.
This all means that some serious rethinking was in order. What to do? What were our priorities? Even moving was being mentioned, but then what? What we will leave behind here, we'll probably find some place else too. Besides we wouldn't be able to afford moving some place else, even if that place did have a sense of community, which this little village lacks or it is so innercircle that we are not aware of it, but I highly doubt that. And besides we do not want to leave the area or run with the tail between our legs. We fought too damn hard for this place.
So for now we will focus on our little island, see what we can do with that. Which will probably mean that the mrs. will provide us with an income and I will be taking care of things at home; fixing, building, growing and taking care of humans and animals alike.
And I also realised that I was getting too hung up, too serious and too focussed on our way of living, on my vision of our future and on social issues in general. So much that I was forgetting to have fun. So I am taking some steps back, slow down and go with the flow more instead of trying to steer it. That doesn't mean I will stop what I am doing, but I will try and be less of a fanatical tight ass about it.
So what if building scale models means working with plastics and chemicals. I enjoyed what I did, thought I was quite good at it too. It also meant having a way to vent myself and my creative flow. Even if it still really bothers me that just building and finishing 1 model requires a shitload of raw materials, oil and chemicals, before I can put it on display in a glass cabinet. I will not save the world by not building one, but it might make a difference for me personally and for those around me if I can relax, focus on other things for a minute, before switching my mind on the real important issues again. There is that damn dilemma again....
I am also reconsidering huntingschool. Since there will be no larger animals around that might require killing, there will also be no need for the skill and permittance to handle a firearm. That would save a whole lot of cash; school, rifles, weapon safe, fees... On the other hand we can afford it right now and it might mean a way of legally putting real, good meat on the table, but I already noticed that the hunters community is a kind of its own. Not easy to fit into....
I think I will be focussing on growing vegetables, having bees, chickens and maybe a couple of rabbits and buy the rest locally with the cash the mrs. brings home.... That would also free up time for more time in the woods, foraging and expanding the knowledge required for that or generally frolicing about... showing off shinies and sharpies.. ;)
Y'know.. doing the woodsman-thing...


  1. Wow your travails are very similar to what we are going through. I have a little saying on my wall that helps me "I give myself permission to trust in the wisdom of the Universe to give me what I truly need to perfect divine timing." THEN... make a plan, work your plan and be open to the "Y's" in the road that may take you in a direction that you didn't expect but that is better than your original plan.

    The solstice is coming. Are you going to whoop and holler around a bonfire like wild indians?

  2. The saying is quite true and I really believed we were moving in a certain direction, but now it looks like we are being steered somewhere else. Cut off from the previous possible destination. And the direction we seem to be steered toward feels like going back to where we came from and that I did not like.
    And no, I will probably not be joining the traditional festivities. Simply don't feel like it.... and the mrs. is required to work over night.

    1. You may yet be able to go in the direction you wanted. Don't give up hope entirely. Sometimes it is a very large whale that you have to navigate around.

      Our frustration is finding property we can afford and having someone else snap it up before we can even see it. But we know what we want and each roadblock doesn't deter us. We just say OK we learned something about that route and it doesn't work so we will try this route that might work.

      I think that sentiment about really enjoying and having fun with your family is major. Maybe that's what the universe is trying to tell you for right now. Trust your gut. The Universe speaks through the gut. Maybe that's because the connection a la the umbilical cord went in through there. Still connected to the U thru the G.

    2. Or the direction I want is not the one I'm intended to go. I am not giving up, though. Far from. I am just going to turn my attention to the ground in front of me, so to speak, instead of far ahead.
      Basic skills, small scale...

    3. Sounds really great! I like that!

  3. Ron, it all changes. Who knows what is good or bad. You are on the right path, maybe our eyes are always bigger than our appetites... imagine if you got to that perfection that you think would be awesome, then you would think you need something else. :) enjoy the process as it unfolds. Good luck to you and I like reading your stories and following your journey.

    1. You just might be more right than you know, y'know.