Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fast forward

It seems like my life is in fast forward mode these days. Many things are happening all at once.
The new woodstorage is done and filled. The pile of wood and wooden pallets from the garden are processed and cleaned up. It looks like a garden again instead of a junkyard.
The day before starting my new job I managed to reclaim a piece of the garden for growing plants, both beautiful and edible. It isn't much, a little over 2x2 meters, but it is the start. I replanted the base around the aspen tree with wild geraniums. One of my favorite species of plants. The location of the 4 josta berrybushes (a crossover between blackberries and gooseberries) determined the shape of the flowerbed and I started to fill up the empty space by replanting a rhubarb and a paeonia there, along with a few handfulls of daffodils. Thinking about edible perennials for the rest of the flowerbed... I think I will go for strawberries as a groundcover.....
After giving it some thought I decided to keep the aspen tree. I really like it. It is a beautiful species. And I like the sound the leaves make when there is wind. It sounds like running water. Plus they turn a gorgeous golden yellow in autumn.
All flowerbeds are to receive such a framing to keep the compost and fertilizer around the plants and the woodchips on the paths.

I laid on a layer of gathered gardendebris, like twigs, dry leaves and patches of moss. Occasionally I toss on a small patch of grass that I weeded out nearby, making sure some soil is still clinging onto the roots. Makes the whole thing look older, tones down the roof and hopefully will become a rooftop garden someday.

Here's the patch that will be vegetable garden, some 20x20 meters. Little smaller actually.
The slope in front of the house is full with comfrey, which spreads like wildfire, but is quite good as compostmaterial. And bees love it! To the right the newly constructed compostcontainer, the choppingblock and a cherrytree..
Started my new job the day the full moon of may reached it's peak; may 4th. The anticipation of starting a new job, my first real, more than 1 month. 8 hour a day job since we moved here and the full moon did not make it easy to get a good nights sleep.
Now I get paid pretty well for what I like doing best; gardening. Despite the weather dampening the joy, (it felt like a cold , wet, gray and windy late october day instead of may), it felt real good to be doing what I was and where I was doing it. But in a few weeks time my workplace will look like this again;

source; http://www.panoramio.com/photo/60935185
I can get used to that, knowing many are off far worse...
And nature all around us is one explosion of green waiting to happen. A few days of warmer, sunnier weather and it will be a challenge keeping up with it all.....
I enjoy the company of a small group of colleagues, which feeds my need for social contact without overburdening my systems and the occasional meeting with visitors. I get to use my language, so it becomes more fluent and better. What I really like is that one of them feels and thinks about today's society in pretty much the same way I do! I am no longer the lone conspiracy theory idiot around here!! It is great to be able to talk to someone about what we feel is wrong with the world today, about downshifting our way of living, growing food and keeping animals etc....

And through a strange coincidence I got another backpack in my possession. Yet again old Haglöfs, but in new shape! No stains, wear or tear and not even the paint was chipped anywhere. And it came complete with original top straps. This one however has one very neat feat.; an in-build seat! No, it is not one of those backpacks, where you have a (double) frame on the outside, that folds open. No this one has a neat little frame inside the pack, under the top lid! And a shaped foot of the frame so that it is quite stable. The main compartment seems bigger than the other one's I have and it has 2 side pockets.
I'd like to tell you the story as to how I got it.
I am a member of a group on facebook (yes, I know) that gives away things for free. The Swedish site has many of such groups actually. Second hand stuff for free or real cheap. Anyway, one of the members of said group was looking for a backpack for her younger brother, who wanted to start hiking. Always a good thing to stimulate younger folks into that area and I had a cheap knock off replica of a German army backpack (like the one I have) in touristcamouflage, meaning no real camouflage. I offered that one to her/him.
At the same time another woman offered her another backpack, said Haglöfs. I saw the pictures and told her I really liked that one..... In the end lady 1 wanted my backpack and lady 2 said I could have the Haglöfs for free. I told both we needed to go into town to do grocery shopping, so I could deliver and collect the backpacks. I was chuffed like a kid on christmas morning when I examined my new one!!

It folds up, when you open the backpack....

Folds down over the main compartment and the cloth is kept tight by the weight pressing down the front tube....
and the specially bent frame provides stable footing.


  1. Wow Ron everything is looking good for you! I am jeallous of your job, gardening, that must be nice. And nice backpack. Hope all goes well for you and your family.

    1. Things are indeed looking a good deal brighter these days and that is what is slightly worrying as well, since there will always something go wrong, when things go well....

  2. So glad things are going well. You deserve it! You waited so long and it seemed like you would.never get a break and then, badda bing! here you are! Reminds me that I need to remember... I trust in the universe's plan for me and that it will give me what I need in perfect divine timing... If I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You are an inspiration! Annnnnd.....Your home looks lovely!

    1. Thanks Renée,
      Don't know if I deserve it. Maybe I earned it, by proving worthy... Who's to say? And as far as things going well..... My wife got word today that she no longer is a cleaninglady as of may 31st. Her contract got terminated based on mutual agreement.

      You should see the place in summer, when everything's lush and green! Our little paradise on earth.

  3. From the looks of it, things are going well for you, Ron! :) Great to hear. You're taking solid initiatives to improve your life, bit by bit, and they are paying off.

    I've never seen a nifty backpack like that! Very clever design. :)

    1. One step at a time, even if I'd like to run at times...
      And the pack is nifty. Hope to try it out sometime soon.